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Hucajac made a rude exit in the European Championship play-offs. Threats against Wales have come true again, writes Yle Urheilu's Jussi Vainikka from Cardiff.

Marcus Canerva and Huhgajad were disappointed in Cardiff. Cua: Camerasport via Getty Images


Huuhkajie's head coach Barely three minutes have passed since the EC qualifiers ended. Mark Kanerva Already standing at the edge of the field with worry and thought.

As soon as Wales scored the opening goal after two minutes of play, the game plan was immediately changed, the result of almost four months of preparation.

Mark Canerva in Cardiff.

Marco Canerva on the sidelines immediately after Wales' 1-0 goal. Photo: Jussi Vainica / Yil

when Teemu Pugin Just in time before the half-time whistle, the equalizer went down the drain early in the second period, a key defeat from Cardiff's night in Finnish football history.

It was particularly frustrating for the 1,700 Finnish supporters who had traveled to the venue. I still remember October's EC Qualifying Group decider in Slovenia, which was a cakewalk. In both matches, Huuhkajat never really fought for a win. It was particularly humiliating when Huhkaj conceded quick goals at the start of two periods at Cardiff.

Many of the threats discussed during the match came true for Huuhkajie. Two of Wales' goals came from special situations known to be dangerous. Even with a known strong counter-attack, Wales broke Finland's lines with ease and could have scored more goals from them.

Kanerva pawned the exchanges for an amazingly long time. Despite a third comeback goal early in the second period, the first changes didn't see the light of day until the 73rd minute. If By Daniel Hakans The starting spot was surprising, and even more surprising was that he played the entire tournament.

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Bojanpalo and Hradecky were disappointed.

Joel Pojanpalo and Lukas Hradecky walked out of the locker room with their heads down. Kua: PA Images via Getty Images

Kanerva's player is the best player in the selections, especially in Hohkaj Miro Denhan The evening was terrible. Both of Wales' special situation goals came from his mistakes, and conceding a fourth goal was the icing on the cake.

There's no point in looking for yet another scapegoat. The Wales match was a collective failure for the coaching staff and players.

The journey towards the 2026 World Cup begins in September with the Nations League. Canerva's contract runs until the end of the year, but Pallolito now has room for a statement. After the Wales match, Kanerva expressed his desire to stay on until the end of his contract and, when asked about an extension, turned his sights on Tuesday's warm-up game against Estonia.

It didn't motivate the players badly after the huge disappointment, although no one said it out loud. Let the rare get playtime. The importance of the match was told by a Welsh journalist asking Kanerva at a press conference if the match was going to be played.

Daniel James ran away from Miro Denho.

Daniel James snatched the ball from Miro Denho to make it 4-1 to Cardiff on the evening. Photo: Getty Images

The big question now is what is the future plan of the Finnish Football Association. Even in previous EC qualifiers, Finland played recognisably well. Roles were clear to players, and there were no major differences between teams and games in competitive programs. Along with his goals, the in-form Bookie was the final deciding factor as the wins needed to clinch a place in the competition came to the fore.

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Now,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​a few years ago it is difficult to identify the team´s strengths, and the fielders are no longer as spear-headed as Bugey was a few years ago. Tight guarding at critical moments is a thing of the past lately. Sometimes, watching the current Huuhkajie play, one wonders if the players on the pitch fully know what to do.

Mark Kanerva will forever go down in Hohkaji history as the first head coach to achieve a spot in the prestigious competition, but his time is inevitably coming to an end. With Germany's European Championship dreams shattered once and for all, an extension to his contract could no longer be changed. That's why it seems strange that Kanerva is still training in September, when the new prize-winning program begins.

Coaching or not, the mapping of the next head coach should begin at Paliolito at the latest, if not already underway.

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