Copterline pilot Peter Fredriksson was found at sea with the help of friends

The pilot went missing two weeks after the crash. By Peter Fredrickson Friends decided to intervene in the game. Fredriksen’s friends, all professional divers, went to look for their friend on nearby land.

Relatives soon received some relief but sad news when Fredriksson’s body was found 40 meters from the crash site with the help of a diving robot.

Why can’t Peter be found among others?

Divers estimate that Fredriksen was not aboard the helicopter when it sank to the bottom of the ocean.

– In my opinion, the body has not traveled far. I can’t say yet, but are you the only one who fell out of a plane? Bohti is Fredriksen’s friend and diver Myco Simola.

Fredriksson, known as an experienced pilot, was not even involved in the crash flight as he changed his shift with a colleague a few days before the tragic events.

But did Fredrickson fall out of the helicopter before his time? It was never answered.

The article is part of MTV Uutisten, When Were You? – Full series. The fourth episode of the series’ fourth production season deals with the Copterline crash and the events that followed. The episode will be shown on MTV3 channel on Sunday at 19.5. At 7:30 p.m

All episodes of the series and longer versions of interviews can be found right now MTV Katsomo.

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