Czech Pig Breeder’s Amazing Reaction to Roaring: “You Say”

John Ruta admits nothing.

John Ruta commented on his stupid tactic. Under Leesima

Czech defender John Ruta performed his completely unknown stunt after the match.

Ruta elbowed Isaac Lundestrom of Sweden. As the two slide past each other, Ruta raises her elbow unnaturally and punches Lundestrom in the cheek.

– If I’m completely honest, I’ve never seen anything like it. “You say I hit my head, but I don’t know anything about it,” said Ruta.

Cech was asked to at least understand the Swedish hockey fans who were devastated by the situation. He didn’t understand that either.

This is why you are angry,” he told reporters.

Ruta said he spoke to Lundstrom. According to him, man is good.

– I asked him later and he said he was fine.

– You don’t want to see a hockey player lying on the ice. Fortunately, he is fine.

Isaac Lundestrom went down on the ice after a tackle. Under Leesima

Many Czech spectators lost their hats for nothing at the end of the match. After a hat-trick, the crowd usually throws their hats on the ice, but now Lukas Sedlak’s third goal was dismissed after the fact. The caps were already in the ring.

– I think the fans are still satisfied with the result of the day, Ruta smiled.

The Czech Republic won 7-3 to advance to the World Cup final.

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