Danish Bank's Wild Predictions for 2024: Big Surprise in US Elections, Dieting Drug Boom Fuels Health Crisis

Danish Saxo Bank Known for publishing outrageous predictions for the coming year.

The forecast outlook announced in December contains many improbable but not entirely impossible predictions, the realization of which would have revolutionary consequences economically and socially.

The bank always reminds us that the forecasts are not its official market forecasts, but wild guesses in an unpredictable world.

This year Outrageous Predictions 2024 Contains eight greedy prophecies. Among them, new technologies solve old problems, but at the same time they pose completely new threats to humanity.

1. Saudi will buy Champions League when oil price exceeds 150 dollars

Brent crude oil prices will rise above $150 by mid-2024. The person who is empowered by it is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Soccer buys the Champions League from UEFA. In the same way, among other things, according to Saxo's bold throw Manchester United The stock price doubles.

2. When the weight-loss drug boom collapses, the world spirals into a health crisis

Saxon predicts that GLP-1 diet pills will stop people exercising and dieting because they believe the miracle drug will solve all their weight-related health problems.

The end result is a serious health crisis in Western countries. On the other hand, the food industry is struggling, and McDonald's sin And Coke Share prices beat the broader market index by 60 percent each.

3. Capitalism is coming to an end in America

The U.S. budget deficit will drop to more than ten percent of GDP, so the country's government wants with all its might to stimulate demand for U.S. government bonds. Under pressure from the White House, Congress decides that income from government bonds will be tax-free in the future.

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The stock market crashes, but cash is king again and those sitting on their cash registers win.

4. A deep attack created with artificial intelligence triggers a security crisis

Without wild AI prediction there would be no wild predictions. In Saxo's predictions, the criminal group will succeed in executing such a strong attack in depth that the artificial intelligence it creates will become a significant security threat. Global AI hype is waning as countries quickly pass new laws against it.

The market effect, Saxo says, is that the stock market value of traditional and trusted media companies will rise – for example New York Times Company The stock price doubles. Adobe's However, the stock plummeted after its software was used for a deepfake attack in this hypothetical case.

5. The new “Club of Rome” brings deficit countries together

In Saxo's predictions, the world's deficit nations will come together to create new rules of global trade that will fix problematic areas of the global trade and financial system.

For surplus countries, resetting the global economic model leads to a painful adjustment. At the market level, such a system reset is a crisis of credibility in the fiat monetary system and at the same time the flow of profits to gold, silver and virtual currencies.

6. Robert F. Kennedy won the US presidential election

In wild predictions Donald Trump He cannot win the November 5th US presidential election. Saxon throws that displeasure too of betaine Trump rose to that level Robert F. Kennedy Jr Strikes in between.

Kennedy wins the election and a new era begins in America. In the market, companies in the defense, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors will be hit hard. There are also cries of monopoly tech giants.

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7. Japan's GDP growth forces the country's central bank to change

Saxon's wild prediction, Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida Domestic demand will grow to its full strength in 2024. When Japan's GDP growth rate reaches seven percent, the central bank will eventually be forced to abandon its traditional control over the yield curve in the bond market.

In the market, the yen is strengthening as Japanese investors repatriate their funds. It weighs the dollar-yen rate below 130 and the euro-yen rate below 140.

8. Demand for luxury results in wealth tax in EU

The last wild prediction is about the luxury sector taking a big hit in European stock markets in 2023. Saxo predicts that people will wake up to how little tax Europe's billionaires actually pay, as a result of the two percent wealth tax the EU is introducing.

The tax will hit Europe's luxury industry hard, including Paris-listed luxury companies. LVMH: n As a result, the stock fell by 40 percent. Further Porsche And Ferrari's Stocks are hit hard.

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