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What is Temu?

Temu is a Chinese e-commerce platform founded in July 2022.

Temu is part of the Chinese conglomerate PDD Holdings. The group is publicly listed in the US and TEMU is headquartered in Boston, USA. In Europe, Temu's official headquarters is in Ireland, registered as Whaleco Technology Limited.

In 2023, Temu's app was downloaded 338 million times, making it the most downloaded app in the world.

PDD Holding's turnover in 2023 is 34.9 billion dollars. In the same year, for example, the turnover of Neste oyj was about 23 billion.

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Temu's affordable secret

Temu's products are unusually cheap compared to similar products you buy in stores in Finland. This may raise some eyebrows, because if an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.

According to Temu, products are much cheaper because customers buy directly from Chinese manufacturers. This will eliminate middlemen and reduce storage and transportation costs.

On the contrary, you should be prepared for a relatively long delivery time, and the goods may not meet the expected quality.

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Where does Temu ship products?

As a Finn, it would be interesting to know which country Temu ships from. This means that if Temu ships products directly from China or from another country outside the EU, it will have to pay Finnish value-added tax, regardless of how much the product costs.

Customs must also be paid if the value of the item exceeds 150 euros, which is rarely a problem at Temu's extremely low prices.

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According to Temu's website, products are shipped directly from China, but customers have also reported packages shipped from Sweden. It is not clear where the goods are shipped from, and whether Finnish VAT is included in the very low price.

So you risk receiving an additional invoice for VAT or customs duties when you order your goods from Temu.

Customers complain about Temu's products

The internet is full of good and bad reviews of Temu. Many bad reviews are based on products that are defective, in poor condition, or not up to expectations.

Others have had trouble getting refunds for purchases they canceled and returned, and some never received the items.

The Italian Consumer Council has warned against buying goods from Temu because the quality is very poor and does not meet EU product safety requirements.

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A warning has been issued regarding dangerous goods

The Italian Consumer Council tested several TEMU beauty products. Of the 13 products purchased from Temu, there was at least one defect related to current EU regulations.

Also, 18 of Temu's 19 toys are dangerous to children, according to the European Toy Industries Organisation. The products contained dangerous chemicals or posed a choking or cut hazard.

In Denmark, the Danish Consumer Council has also warned against products purchased from Think Temu. This applies particularly to food handling products and generally to security related products such as smoke alarms and electronic products.

Finland's consumer authorities have not yet intervened in Temu's operations.

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TEMU collects and shares information

China Temu collects a lot of information about users. This includes name, phone number, email address, payment information and address.

In addition, if you use the App, Temu collects a lot of data related to your mobile phone. This includes location information and various information about the device.

Information is shared with third parties with whom TEMU collaborates. This information is often used to hit you with promotions, notifications, and extra discounts if you act immediately.

Temu does not hide the fact that it shares your data between different companies. It is written in black and white in the terms of use that you must agree to use the app.

It's hard to say exactly who Temu shares information with, but a few. So think about whether you want a large number of foreign companies and authorities to have access to information about you.

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Temu is used for phishing

Temu is not only popular among ordinary consumers. The cheap Chinese online store is popular among hackers who misuse Temu for phishing attacks.

For example, in 2024, information security company Check Point discovered that hackers were sending fake emails. They pretended to be Temu and gave discounts and gifts to customers.

But instead of the email going to the real Temu, clicking on the link in the email will take you to a fake website. That's where scammers trick you into entering your stolen information.

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If you shop at Temu, you should pay attention to emails you receive from the company and avoid opening links. Instead, open the app or visit the website to see potential offers and discounts.

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Want to stay away from Temu completely?

On the Trustpilot website, Temu has a relatively high rating of 3.4 out of five, which means that Temu's customers in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world are satisfied.

If you can live with the fact that your goods may not arrive, your information is shared with unknown companies and you waste your money because the quality of the goods is not top notch then you can shop at Temu.

However, like national consumer advisors and others, we recommend avoiding purchases of skin care and beauty products, electronics and children's toys. There are many examples of products that do not meet EU requirements and are therefore dangerous or harmful to health.

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