Data breach | New information: The criminal gained access to this personal data, the number of victims up to 188,000 | Local residents

A data breach in Helsinki in April may have obtained more detailed information about people who used education and training services than previously estimated, the city says in a press release.

The estimated number of people who are potential targets of the data breach has already risen to 188,000.

The city says the teacher may have obtained information about all compulsory education students in Helsinki.

Data breaches can also affect private early childhood education, private schools and high schools, and private vocational schools.

In addition to the city’s own early childhood education units, schools and educational institutions, the author may have received client information from private kindergartens, charter schools in Helsinki, private and public schools, private high schools and vocational schools.

This group includes all students from Helsinki who have applied for focused teaching and homeschooling. The data breach may include students from Helsinki and students studying outside of Helsinki.

of the city According to current estimates, the data breach could affect approximately 150,000 learners and their guardians. As the city previously said, the entire city workforce, about 38,000 employees, was affected by the data breach.

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– We will continue to investigate and co-operate with the authorities, and we will update the matter as the investigation progresses. Along with other authorities, we recommend that you actively protect your personal data at this stage, the purpose of the data breach is still being investigated, says the head of the presidential palace. Jukka-Pekka Ujula Bulletin.

Central Crime Branch Police And the Helsinki police are investigating the case as a serious data breach, and the police are responsible for communication regarding the progress of the criminal investigation.

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