Defense Minister Hekkanen corrects: Preventing the escape of reserves is wrongly designed, not in preparation | Homeland

According to Hakanen, blocking may be considered later, according to the minister, blocking is not necessary.

Defense Minister Anti Häkkänen (co.k.) regrets correcting the escape from the military reserve he caused. Photo: Tiina Jutila / Yle

Defense Minister Andy Hokkanen (co.) takes back his words about the need to prevent deserters from escaping from the army.

Hokkanen Now writing on his blogHis choice of words in the interview was not very successful.

Håkanen writes that it is not currently ready to prevent those who are excluded from resigning. The same has been mentioned by the Chairman of Parliament's Committee on Security, among others Jukka Cobra (kok.)

According to Hakanen, the need to prevent divorce can be considered later, for example, when parliament deals with the next security report. According to the government's assessment, the report will be presented in Parliament in the current year.

Hekkanen doesn't see blocking as necessary in terms of defensive efficiency. He emphasizes in the article that the basis of Finland's security is still a strong military presence, which is being developed in conjunction with conscription in a separate program.

Hekkanen said in an interview with Kyrönmaa newspaper last week that he was looking for legal ways to avoid resigning from the presence of the self-defense forces.

After the interview, hundreds of reservists have applied for the civil service, away from the army's military strength.

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