Edinburgh, Scotland evicts homeless to make room for Taylor Swift fans | News Fin

Scotland’s capital Edinburgh has sent its homeless to other cities to make room for the superstar Taylor Swift’s For fans coming to concerts, he says BBC.

Swift will perform three nights at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium in June. Lakhs of fans of the artiste are expected to flock to the city.

According to the charity Shelter Scotland, large numbers of homeless people have been sent by taxi to Aberdeen and Glasgow. One person from Newcastle on the English side has been granted temporary accommodation. The distance between the two cities is approximately 168 kilometers.

In Edinburgh, homeless people are provided with temporary accommodation in hotels in emergencies under Scottish law. However, due to the demand for concerts, hotel rooms are on the cards in the city.

The City of Edinburgh Council says it is doing everything it can to find homeless people “suitable alternative accommodation”. The council had already declared last November that the city was in a housing crisis due to high numbers of homeless people and out-of-control rental prices.

– The crisis now puts the homeless in direct competition with tourists. This is a great injustice. A family experiencing the trauma of homelessness should not have to travel miles from work, school and community to find temporary accommodation, says the head of Shelter Scotland. Alison Watson.

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