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Soon-to-be MEP and former Intelligence Chief of the Defense Forces Major General Pekka Doveri (co.p.) has recently announced that Finland is at war with Russia.

Experts certainly understand that his definition of war includes more than a war in which soldiers are shot and killed, but many ordinary citizens do not.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the parliament’s defense committee, Jukka Kobra (KOK), told Helsingin’s Sanomat that “Finland is not at war with Russia”.

Regular employees did not get the right to vote until 1944.

It wouldn’t hurt if the other power users of the coalition’s foreign and security policy put Dover’s report in the politicians’ drawer of unfortunate frogs.

Political analyst Johanna Voorelma commented on Dover’s speeches on the messaging service X, saying, “Now we need a more precise foreign policy. Such statements do not increase Finland’s security.” Better to take Comrade Vuorelma’s advice seriously.

On the other hand, Tivo Deivainen, a professor of world politics at the University of Helsinki, mocked Dover’s war speeches on News Service X, saying, “Everything Putin says is a complete lie. Except that Putin is at war with the West. .”

In Finland, military participation in politics has traditionally been alienated. A Parliamentary Order of 1906 specified that a person in regular military service was neither entitled to vote nor eligible for election to Parliament. It wasn’t until 1944 that rank-and-file workers got the right to vote. The idea is that the security forces will be independent under any circumstances and that the military will function at the discretion of the government agencies.

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Former commander of the security forces, MP Jarmo Lindbergh (Council) was not as public as Dover, but was more moderate than his former subordinates. Lindbergh realizes that he is no ordinary first-time member of parliament, but is still stigmatized by the security forces.

There is no reason to question a fellow’s professionalism as a soldier or intelligence expert. Thanks to his background, Dover has an authenticity that makes talking about war far more intimidating than a politician’s usual speech. That is why he would be wise to adopt a less bellicose rhetoric. When Russia is causing problems in Finland in so many ways, calm is needed, not panic.

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