Electric cars freeze in the cold – Autolito's helpful statistics make for grim reading

Kidnapping news 25.1.2024

Freezing and driving is not a very tasty combination. When the needle of the thermometer drops to twenty degrees, the digging programs begin to increase strongly. Especially if you have an electric car underneath.

In the first week of 2024, the Autoliito Help Desk achieved a record result. Between January 1 and 7, 2024, the phone and mobile app has been hacked a total of 6,843 times.

– The road has been in service since 1952 and it was the hottest week in its 72-year history, according to AL Balvelut Oy's CEO.Ilkka Lehtinen.

In severe freezing weather, the condition of the battery is put to the test, and most of the roadside assistance programs cause starting problems. If the battery is more than a few years old, it is important to check its condition before the start of the frost period.

According to statistics, the challenges of the record week in the first week of the current year especially test electric cars. Of the less than 7,000 charity events, nearly 500 are about electric cars. The number isn't huge, but when you compare it to the number of electric cars in the domestic car fleet, it's more than seven percent. Only 3 percent of our cars are electric cars.

When an electric car won't start

One of the biggest challenges with electric cars is starting problems. Of the 486 relief assignments that fell in the first week of the year, 108 assignments, or 22.2 percent, were related to starts. The second most common cause is vehicle heating. Many electric cars don't start producing any heat in freezing weather, so the interior of the car is at freezing temperatures. Less than 10 percent of support requests are related to charging cable or charging hatch issues.

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A surprisingly large cause was brake problems, which accounted for more than four percent of electric car assistance missions. AL Palveluiden's Ilkka Lehtinen said the four percent share of subsidies is surprisingly high because you can't get close to the same figure for combustion engine cars.

During the trip, two motorists ran out of power, but more were left without power because the vehicle could not be charged.

Part of the reason is inexperienced driving

It is also worth noting that assisted electric cars are mainly three years old or newer. In fact, more than 50 percent of subsidized electric cars are less than a year old. Of course, the finger of blame cannot be pointed only at the cars, but also at their users. Some problems are related to the fact that the user is not familiar with the technology or is not fully in control.

– It often comes to mind that we humans don't have much experience with electric cars. Cars have frozen gas tank hatches for years, but Lehtinen thinks you wouldn't dare put an ice scraper or something similar between the charging hatch of an electric car.

In a sense, electric cars are a positive exception. Of the nearly 500 support missions for electric cars with flat tires, there were only two. This can be explained by the age of the electric car fleet. In two or three years, winter tires will not have time to be in such poor condition.

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