Entrance fees to Venice in the future

A five-euro entrance fee applies to day-trippers visiting Venice.

April 25 is the first day tourists must pay entry fees to the historic city of Venice. Kyodonews, ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

Venice, Italy has decided to introduce a five euro entrance fee for day visitors. The city strives to reduce the harm caused by tourism. The British media reported on this Guardian.

The purpose of the fee is to lure day-trippers away from the effects of over-tourism in Venice, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mayor of the city Luigi Brugnarone As a result, the city becomes viable again.

According to the Guardian, many residents of the city are against the decision. Venetian enthusiast Matteo Cecchi Considers the result bad.

– You cannot charge an entrance fee to the city. “The only thing they achieve is they turn the city into a theme park,” Cecchi commented to the Guardian.

This decision concerns the historical center of Venice. The entry fee is now in a trial phase, during which the entry fee applies to the 29 most popular tourist days of the summer season. Most of these days fall on weekends from mid-July.

Threat of fine

Entry fee for 24-hour visits should be paid online.

Day visitors who do not purchase tickets online also have the option of purchasing one on the spot upon arrival, one of which is at the Santa Lucia train station.

Venetian authorities carry out random checks at the points of arrival, and fines of 50-300 euros are imposed on those without a ticket.

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According to the Venice city council, 5,500 people booked tickets to enter the city on April 25, Italy's national holiday. The day in question is the first day you have to buy an entrance ticket to the city.

The Guardian says €27,500 went into the city's coffers on the first day with tickets. Mayor Brugnaro has denied that cash benefits are the city's goal, but he has promised to lower taxes on local residents if the new experiment succeeds.

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