EP by Finland's most popular rappers – Ketomasa raps like a 14-year-old with no testicles

Suomiräpi's top names include: It was And Ketomassa Join forces. Individually superior and collectively superior rappers have been released Ketomasa x Kube -ep's. Apart from this, on the Thursday before the release date, the artists threw two free concerts in their hometowns, first in Hakunila in Vantaa and then in Kortepoja in Jyväskylä.

Audiences flocked to both groups, and in addition to the live performance, the audience walked away with free clothing, which the musicians distributed to lucky winners.

The three-song EP mixes different styles. Brass, showing the ability to win far away Open the EP. Keep looking back, but rewind to the present, reminiscent of the Michigan rap sound SkateIt is viewed Justcesomali.

EP is determined by someone who takes a social stance and implicitly channels the “state of the scene.” are soft, both rappers let the rhymes bring rock-hard power. The song asks to what extent the act of saying meets.

A company they are responsible for manufacturing Reuben And MD$, is not only a much-anticipated meeting between two hard-hitting rappers, but also an enjoyable whole for Finnish rap lovers. Below you will find the authors of Rumba Zarco Frontillon And Thomas Affleckin Thoughts on publishing.


There's money in the ghetto. It became clear. The problem is that no one cares if someone has money. Except for those who tell me how the money is. Or people with money.

Let's immerse ourselves in musical lines and at the same time, for example, immerse ourselves for a moment in the history of world literature. No one cares if the storyteller is saa pillua. We all know a person who finds the adventures of a woman or man the previous weekend interesting in some way. They don't. They evoke only pity.

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Stories of failure are very interesting. The way the narrator is left alone at a bar table all night That object Went with someone else/home/you know where. Ketomasa no longer admits this because he is the winner and wants everyone to know it.

far away – The song is a clear provocation. Girls love ghetto's cock, that is Dick However, the word Tiki is left out of the lyrics, which is as effective as pigging. Skeptic Verse Unique too Boys are boys – Specti with his memorable “Girls love 'cause I've got a great kul…dagello” line. Before that, Ketomasa has been campaigning with his slogan “Let's get rid of the poor”.

So this is from the mouth of a thirty year old. So not a young man, but a man Maria Veidolan As a guest on television.

Skate The biggest banger of the year, Reminiscing the Oldies is a worn out thing, but the whole song is so hard with its beat that I'm sure it'll be a future classic. Kertz of Justcesomal is a pure diamond. In the song, Ketomasa says that he “snatsache seni” from those who owe him, and “counted loads on his shoulder” when he was young.

are soft-Song, Ketomasa stabs in the puddles – while perhaps being completely unaware of the irony of the words to himself. “Damn, you're boring, you're always talking about a gun you never shoot.” The entire song is an impressive blow against street rap, but at the same time seems incredibly blind to the fact that Ketomasa represents the same genre.

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Keto mass is what a person becomes when they are successful enough that they “grab the chains” and count “enough mass on their shoulders.”

An orator, Ketomasa is sovereign, and no one can deny that. However, Keto Masa is a walking paradox. The problem is, he doesn't understand it. In the ep, Ketomasa looks like a 14-year-old kid whose testicles haven't descended yet, and he wants to be. hard.

That's why he's so popular, because image is everything in today's music. No matter how stupid that movie is.

Maybe next time he'll dare to be himself. Because he can't really be like this. No. No. right? If it is just an image, how long can we hide behind the image, explaining that everything is part of the artist's self and character?

Ps: Kubey is very good. All the time.

Zarco Frontilla

Thanks for the comment Brother Frontilla.

I'm on the same line as long as the EP's opening track doesn't offer anything new from Massa. It continues the series of car songs. Gertsy is thoroughly catchy, but “Out of the Poor” is hard to hear, especially when you think of Massa's own rhymes about dead presidents (dollars) early in his career.

Of course, the world changes and Massa changes with it, and that is especially true of his language. A rapper Lasse-When listening to the song, you wouldn't have thought that “chains schnotchatten” (jewellery stolen/robbed) would immediately appear in his vocabulary.

So I forcefully draw little lines of thought in the direction that Masa can lead Skate-The song has the same mood as the recent song Intermediate table With a visible song I lick And Dr. Keten From the recently released joint album. The song in question (which is Eazy E's Boyz-n-the hood – to the classic) The man from Jivaskill rhymes a fictional story about the daily life of a “life school” student, where running shoes are taken and, in fact, debts are also collected, so the chains can be sawed off. Same thing this time, maybe a person, on the way?

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are soft-The song reminds me of Ketomasa FeimiiA duet with Laurie Howie. Byrgris had a rough ride on that song as well. During this time, Masa explores more violent threats to his own life DJ Academician in return. In my opinion it was good that Masa loudly declared that “ninos” and sharp weapons are not needed in the very first scene. And doing it in style.

Thomas Afflecht

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