Errors “found” in Putin's rival's candidacy announcement

The signatures collected by Boris Nadeshtin's campaign group reportedly include the names of the dead.

Russia's Central Election Commission “finds wrongdoing” by former Duma deputy By Boris Nadeshtin To register as a presidential candidate for the March election.

The Central Election Commission has reportedly discovered the names of the dead in signatures left to Nadeshtin, the commission's vice-chairman, protesting the war in Ukraine. Nikolai Pulev state media Tasi said.

According to Bulaje, collecting 100,000 signatures is never foolproof, so the Election Commission turns a blind eye to minor mistakes.

Boris Natedin signs with the Central Election Commission in Moscow on January 31. EPA/AOP

– But when you look at the names of tens or dozens of signatories, even though they are not of this world, the question arises about the correctness of the ethical standards of the collectors of manuscripts.

Vice-President Bulayev suggested that Neddin be invited to a meeting of the Central Election Commission on February 5 to verify documents and signatures.

Independent Russian media According to the Moscow Times The Central Election Commission decides whether to accept or reject presidential nominations for all candidates by February 7.

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