Esapeake Lubby close to breaking streak of more than six years – “I've done some myself”

Hyundai's Essebekka Lubby is now very close to a second World Rally Championship of his career.

Ezebeka Luppi took the second WRC win of her career. Who is Hidawala?

Esapeake Laby The Swede leads the rally by more than a minute after Saturday's race day and is tied for 18 conditional world championship points.

Lappi drove it on Saturday with factory warranty. You need to stay calm so you don't let slip and spoil your chances. This situation has been very foreign to Finns in recent years and it takes time to get used to everything new.

– Running like that is annoying. It's definitely a personal preference, and I don't want to take any chances. That drive is slow and I don't like it at all. But let's accept this situation. Of course, it's a little disappointing when you don't have that kind of driving pleasure, Lubby said.

When you deliberately try to avoid mistakes, it's usually easier to make them.

– Now we are coming up too quiet to go into the yard at that speed. I know what you're saying, but now let's go so quietly that nothing happens, said Lappy a little amused.

Permission to attack?

Lapland will not run a full season this year. This ensures that there is no need to change tactics tomorrow on Sunday. Even on Sunday, there is still a big point pot available.

– This is the most obvious format when we are not thinking about any championship points. We won't do anything with those Sunday points. Then we will see what the situation is, whether to attack or not in the power stage. That would have to be the conversation tonight, Lubby thought.

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On Saturday, conditions at the World Rally Championship in Sweden were significantly better than on Friday. At least for the weather.

– Clips aren't that hard. It's more that they ate a lot of tires. The middle part was good because there was a lot of snow. The first and third were a little bit back on the gravel, which was aggressive towards the tires. I'm sure there are riders missing studs, but I have them all in storage. “I tried to put the studs in the tires and I think I was pretty successful at that,” Luppi said.

Time has passed since the victory

Lapland has only won one World Cup Rally in his career. It happened in 2017 in the Finnish World Rally Championship with Toyota. Current Toyota Group Manager Jari-Matti Latvala Interruption gave up the key to victory at that point.

– It's been six and a half years now. It won't be life-changing by any means, but it will feel good,” Luppi said of his second career win.

– I have got a chance to win in the interim too. “I've done some of it myself, and then some have gone by team rules,” Luppi continued.

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