Euro election candidates split on support for Ukraine – RKP’s Henriksen: “We have a world war then” | A studio

Maria Ohisało of the Green Party and RKB leader Anna-Maja Henriksson clashed over whether the EU should send ground troops to Ukraine.

The Greens’ Maria Ohisało has not ruled out sending EU troops to Ukraine. RKP’s Anna-Maja Henriksson fears it could trigger a world war.

EU election candidate Green MP says the last way to help Ukraine is to send ground troops to Ukraine from EU countries. Maria Ohisalow In an interview with A-Doc.

– I do not reject this, because Ukraine should not lose the war.

President of France Emmanuel Macron Raised the issue of supporting Ukraine with ground troops in February.

– We can think about whether personnel should be sent to the area to train militants and for various maintenance tasks. These are also methods that should be used, Ohisalow continues.

RKP President, Education Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson With Ohisalo there are different ways. Henriksen is also a candidate in the European elections.

– I myself am very careful, I will not send our troops to Ukraine.

According to Henriksen, such an action would pose an enormous risk.

– We then have a world war.

Ohisalo disagreed with the argument that the war would escalate into a multi-nation war.

– Yes, that escalation will happen even if Ukraine loses the war.

The candidates agreed that EU countries should do everything in their power to ensure that Ukraine does not lose the war started by Russia.

Ohisało would be ready to save Ukraine from the collective debt of the EU countries, which has been much discussed within the Union. Henriksen, on the other hand, would hold larger member states responsible for not supporting Ukraine sufficiently.

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– I would like to see France, for example, take more responsibility than they have taken so far. They had a lot of talks and ideas, but Ukraine has less money.

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