Eurovision’s values ​​and reputation are flexible, writes MTV’s culture editor Kari Byronen

While Sweden Flowers Our Eurovision triumph last spring Blanket Before the nose, of course it was bile. With the vote of the professional council, fives is played again in Sweden, because we can celebrate at the same time in it Profit 40 years ago.

That’s how it went, right? It’s gotten a little worse since then.

Discipline and order

At Malmö’s Eurovision, there is now as much discipline and order as a gathering of great powers. A European pop festival is overshadowed by police patrolling the rooftops, the most important thing being to keep the attendees and the public safe and alive.

With the people’s vote, this safety measure Eurovisions will now roll in Finland. Some officials may be relieved now.

Eurovision is no longer a celebration for Sweden, but a problem. Palestinian youths living in Malmö told MTV that they wanted to demonstrate against Israel, but only peacefully.

The European Broadcasting Union EBU has not given in to widespread demands to exclude Israel from the games. On the other hand, Russia was excluded from 2022 because “the attack on Ukraine is against all the values ​​that the EBU represents, and Russia’s participation will bring bad reputation to the Eurovision Song Contest”.

Values ​​and popularity are flexible.

Money is also a strong influence behind Israel’s immunity. Eurovision artists don’t march on the red but turquoise carpet for media events. Israeli Carmen Talin Founded by the cosmetics company Moroccanoil, the sponsor of the Eurovision Song Contest. The company color is turquoise.

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Representative of Israel, 20 years Eden Colon Turquoise does not appear on the carpet. He should be kept hidden Putin This is Trump During a recent visit to Finland. Tensions will be high in Thursday’s second semi-final – will Golan, who has a place in the final at that time, be allowed to play in peace. The flags of the participating countries may be flown in the stand, the flag of Palestine is prohibited.

Neglect withered

The mecca at Eurovision was exceptional, but the effect was zero. Of course, the EBU did not exclude Israel because of its main Israeli sponsor. Artists from all over Europe flock to Sweden to catch the booming conveyor belt pop. In the end, no country boycotted the games because of Israel’s participation.

No matter what kind of pop masterpiece is presented, it’s at least certain that Israel won’t win this year. Even if the EBU does nothing, European citizens will make it clear what they think about the fate of civilians in Gaza.

The EBU may still be counting how many civilians killed by a UN member state should be excluded from the Games.

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