Excerpt: New information on the fire at the Äkäslompolo hostel

According to the Accident Investigation Centre, the fire at the Äkäslompolo hostel most likely started outside the building.

Äkäslompolo hostel fire kills two One is still missing. Matthew Williams-Ellis Travel Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

The Accident Investigation Center (Otkes) reported that the devastating hostel fire at Äkäslompolo in Kolar on February 14 most likely started outside the building.

Two people died in the accident. One person is missing after the fire. A total of 31 people were rescued from the fire.

The hostel building was badly burnt. A site inspection and technical investigation revealed that the fire started outside the building.

E-bikes do not cause fires

The Accident Investigation Center conducted a site investigation in Äkäslompolo on Wednesday 14 February with the assistance of the Rescue Service. At the same time, the Accident Investigation Center began interviewing and questioning those involved, and continued to collect other materials.

– The fire did not spread from electric bikes outside the house. According to information received by the Accident Investigation Center, the bikes were not externally charged and the batteries were not connected, the head of the investigation, Timo Nazkali, said in a press release.

According to reports, there were smoke alarms in the building, but the accident investigation center has not yet determined whether the occupants of the building heard the alarm. An investigation is being conducted in this regard.

Accident Investigation Center investigations take an average of 9-12 months. In its investigation, the Accident Investigation Branch did not deal with issues of blame and compensation.

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