Expert assesses Charles' body language – the king's true feelings revealed

The British Royal Family's Easter tradition underwent major changes this year.

The British royal family's Easter spending includes a traditional service at Windsor. This year, the holidays disappeared due to health concerns, because the King Charles And the princess Catherine undergoing cancer treatment. Today, Sunday, all members of the royal family will be absent from the event and tradition will be broken.

In this story, Illtalethy follows the twists and turns of the royal Easter service. The service started at 12:30 Finnish time on Sunday in London.

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The most anticipated person of the day is King Charles, who returns to representative duties. For the monarch, Easter Sunday was one of the first major public events since the cancer diagnosis. Her arrival as queen to the church has been closely followed by the media Camila together with

As the couple pulled into the courtyard of St George's Church in the King's elegant Bentley limousine, there was no shortage of sight at the entrance. Earlier, it was believed that he would visit the place on foot and greet the parishioners. However, on doctor's orders, King must avoid contact due to the risk of infection. Charles and Camilla, who are undergoing cancer treatment for health reasons, don't sit with the rest of the family, she says. Sunday Express.

Prince of Thunder AndrewShe has a strong presence in the film industry today as she walks other royals to church. Last year, the situation was different: with Prince William, Princess Catherine and their three children, Charles led the royal family to church on foot.

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Crumpled with a sex frenzy and stripped of his duties, Andrew is not the most obvious choice for vice president, but royal protocol follows in the matter.

– In the absence of Prince William, Prince Harry and their children, Andrew is eighth in line to the throne, although he is embroiled in a child feud. Jeffrey Epstein Because, says royal expert Michael Gould.

– The king was a devout believer and Easter was always an important holiday for him.

For Andrew, it's all about one mission: Prince Edward During Charles's cancer treatment he took on the most important of royal duties.

King Charles will attend the traditional Easter service at Windsor today. AOP

Family together

One of the biggest changes will be the absence of Prince William and Princess Catherine's entire family from the event. Catherine, who is undergoing preventive chemotherapy, and her family will celebrate Easter in their own circumstances, the Mirror reported.

Over the years, royal family traditions have included a private Easter meal held in the family. She is already a queen Elizabeth's Potatoes: Bring the family together for an Easter Sunday meal. During Easter, memories of the late Queen Elizabeth will also be revealed.

Charles and Camilla, who are undergoing cancer treatment, will miss this Easter meal as the royal is to avoid close contact due to the risk of infection on doctor's orders.

William will return to royal duties after the Easter break when his children return to school. After this, however, William will support his family and his wife Catherine while working – in the midst of cancer treatment.

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