Explosions in Kiev – Airspace Violation Against Poland: “No Evidence”

The most important events of the war in Ukraine since Monday, March 25 are collected in this article. It was the 761st day of the war.

  • Putin reiterated Ukraine's role in the Moscow attack.
  • The Russian ambassador to Poland did not show up to discuss the airspace violation.
  • Russian missiles hit Kiev.

Putin still accuses Ukraine of complicity in the attack

President of Russia Vladimir Putin In a televised address on Monday, he admitted that the terror attack in Moscow was carried out by “radical Islamists”. However, according to him, the attack was part of a larger whole related to Ukraine, Reuters reported.

Putin suggested that the “neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv” was somehow involved.

He reiterated that the suspects in the terror attack were trying to flee to Ukraine.

– Why did the terrorists try to flee to Ukraine after committing the crime? Who was waiting for them there? Putin said.

According to Putin and the FSB, the suspects were arrested en route to Ukraine. According to the Belarusian ambassador in Moscow, the Belarusian security service is involved in preventing suspects from crossing the border between the countries.

Vladimir Putin admitted on Monday that an Islamic extremist group was behind the attack in Moscow. Nevertheless, he links the attack to Ukraine. Sergei Ilnitsky

Russia invites Australian diplomat for interview

Reuters reports that the Russian Foreign Ministry has invited a representative of the Russian embassy in Australia to Moscow for an interview.

The issue of the embassy's social media post criticizing the Russian presidential election. The news, published on March 16, criticized the organization of elections in Ukraine's regions that Russia has incorporated into its own initiative.

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– Organizing elections in Ukraine's regions is a flagrant violation of international law, the publication says.

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According to Reuters, the Russian foreign minister announced that he had summoned an Australian diplomat to discuss the issue and demand that the publication be removed.

The Australian embassy criticized the election in several social media posts on various platforms, including Telegram.

England: Russia has enough men for new divisions

British intelligence estimates that two new armies could be established based on Russian personnel, but a lack of resources would make their operations difficult.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu On March 20, Russia plans to establish two new armies this year with 14 divisions and 16 brigades.

– Taking into account Russia's successful recruitments, the units are likely to receive the required personnel. But given limited training, aging equipment and infrastructure issues, units may suffer from similar resource shortages.

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The envoy did not discuss the airspace violation

Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev Reuters and AFP reported that the Polish foreign ministry said it had not come to the Polish foreign ministry to discuss the airspace violation.

A Russian-launched cruise missile briefly passed over Polish airspace in the early hours of Sunday, March 24. The airstrikes put the country on high alert. The Russian envoy was invited for a discussion at the Ministry of External Affairs on Monday, but did not turn up, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs.

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According to The Guardian and RIA Novosti, the ambassador did not attend because, in his opinion, the Polish delegation did not provide evidence of any airspace violation.

Ambassador: Russia Launches Hypersonic Missiles

Russia fires hypersonic missiles at Kiev The US ambassador to Ukraine has said about it Bridget Brink.

Brink writes that Russia has bombarded Ukraine with hundreds of missiles and drones over the past five days.

– Ukraine needs our help now. Now is not the moment to lose.

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Explosions in Kiev

Air raid warnings were sounded in Kyiv after several explosions were heard in the center of the Ukrainian capital on Monday morning, according to news agencies AFP and Reuters.

– Explosions in Kiev. Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klytško urged in Telegram to urgently go to shelter.

According to officials, a residential building was damaged and fragments of the missile fell in the center of Kiev. Ukraine's air force warned that the missile would fly towards Kiev moments before the explosions.

Several explosions were heard in Kyiv on Monday, March 25. In the picture, rescue workers examine the rubble of a collapsed building. AOP/Shutterstock

Zelenskyi: This is what Russia recently bombed Ukraine with

Russia launched about 190 different missiles and about 140 Shaheed drones at Ukraine last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said on X.

– They also launched 700 guided missiles, Zelensky says in the video he released.

– For more than two years, not a single week has passed since Russia has refrained from terrorism. We will do everything we can to ensure that our exact response to this terror is equally visible to the occupying party – every week, every day.

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In his video, Zelensky also talks about sanctions against Russia.

– Less money (Vladimir) can strengthen economic sanctions against Putin's system, and soon Ukraine, our common Europe and the rest of the world can feel safe again, writes Zelenskyi.

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