Famous doctor still missing – new video deepens mystery

The images confound the theory that Michael Mosley may have fallen into the sea on his way to a nearby village.

New video camera images show the famous doctor Michael Moslin, 67, had come to Bedi village on foot when he went missing. For example, they reported on the topic Guardian And telegram.

Mosley, known for his TV shows and as a science reporter, went missing on the Greek island of Symi on Wednesday. Moseley had started walking from the beach towards the nearby village of Bede. In the past, it was believed that Moseley got lost from the trail or fell into the sea, but photographs prove that he made it to the village.

Check out the image in the post below In X.

No one knows where Mosley went from the village.

– We know he reached the other end of the path. However, in a way, the mystery has deepened. We must now ask whither he went thence, and whether he took another way towards the port of the island? “We’re no closer to solving this,” a police officer leading the investigation said, according to the Guardian.

Mosley had arrived with his wife on an island near Rhodes. By Clare Bailey, with Tuesday. Bailey, a physician and health columnist, reported her husband missing.

According to the Telegraph, the search continues with drones, dogs and helicopters. However, conditions were challenging in the 38 degree heat.

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