Farmy in Finland Instant Drama – Maina Akijirka, Mona Bling and Ida Vainio call out to each other

Sculptor My Äkkijyrkkä Immediately told the fifth season Finland farmAt the beginning of the opening chapter, he gets along well with animals, but isn't so sure about humans.

In the episode, we saw what Mina, a former skier, is like Sami Jauhojarvi and a social media influencer Mona Bling Mona appreciates the sharpening tools and Maina's confident work on the face.

When Mona asks what's so important about sharpening, Maina doesn't even ask the question. Mona asked again after a moment of silence.

– What do you have? why are you asking Meena panicked.

Mona doesn't like Maina's behavior.

– Maina's attitude is really problematic. He punches things and says mean things. He doesn't have the farmy attitude he should have, a confused Mona later told the cameras.

“Mine Gets On My Nerves”

Mina is reprimanded for her behavior from the other farm people and from the politician elected as a crofter Merjah from Killonan.When we do something that Behturi has defined for us, we see ourselves doing it together,” Gillonen said.

If someone wants to learn something, we can also consult and guide together.

TV Chef Linnea Vihonen And a rocker Archie Cruz He complained that Maina's attitude was beginning to disturb other peasants.

Mine freaks the mob out. He stumbles and misbehaves, Archie said.

The farmers of the fifth season are immediately at odds with each other.

And Miina Äkkijyrkä reports media personality Instead of wine The appearance confused the Barmy people.

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Tuplakääk described Ida to the familiar presenters from the podcast Cherry for Simberg And Annie Koistinen With the word “tit tray”.

The first episode of The Farm was full of conflicts and backbiting. The relationship between Mona Bling and Ida Vainio soon turned frosty, and the two have different views on why.

Danny immediately gave up

The dramatic twist of the opening episode was seen when the artiste won Ilka “Danny” Lipsanen Already abandoned the race in the first task.

Farmie's people are immediately hit with the knowledge quiz, and the visa questions prove to be a tough journalist Valu to Valbio And to Danny. They argue over who gets to go home on the first day.

After many repetitions and wrong answers, 81-year-old Danny made a surprise announcement.

– It's… good friends. I'll settle this issue for Valu and me – since we're both from Helsinki – I'm going to Helsinki and Valu will be at the competition! Danny announced.

Valu clearly took Danny's decision to heart as he agonized over his deportation throughout the visa.

Is that so?? Valu is excited and kneels before the Iskelma singer in thanks.

Danny said he was confident in his decision.

– I know these people, everyone is better than me – and a younger devil! Danny said.

– It went well this way. This environment is where I came from and the attitude of these young men and women. I myself wish everyone a good life and I hope we smile when we meet.

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An entertainer still competes Johanna Bakkonen, Couch potatoes Everything Michael NtimaEntertainment Weetie GallioReality star Daniel “Bile-Dani” Lehtonen And an artist Sophia Zida.

The fate of Aida Vainio and Mona Bling will be decided in the next episode as they are under threat of leaving.

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