Fatal defect in car sold in Finland

Here’s the problem with Smart #1: the center seat belt buckle unlocks the adjacent seat belt. Picture of the Smart #3 that didn’t cause the problem. Jacko Isonimi

One of the Smart #1’s rear seat belts will open when three people are seated in the back seat. Technicon Mailma tells about itwho discovered a fatal design flaw in their evasion tests.

TM’s test was done at a speed of 75 kmph. While the car was performing an evasive maneuver and the passenger was rocking back and forth in the car, the counter part of the seat belt of the middle seat, i.e. the lock case, opened the left rear passenger’s belt.

To be sure, Lehti did a test with two different cars and was able to confirm the matter. Several tests were performed and the belt opened two-thirds of the time.

– We are taking this matter very seriously with our principal. Our president has already started his own investigation and we will tell you about them and the actions soon, the Press Manager of Smart Import Weho Becca Koski Tekniikan commented to Mailma on Thursday.

Doubts that DM will have to recall the cars.

A similar problem did not occur with the Smart #3. TM suspects that the rear seat of the car is a little too wide and there is not enough contact between the locking pieces.

In the Smart #3 currently being tested by Illetehti, the middle lock box cannot be pulled up to press against the release button of the second seat belt.

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Smart is currently a joint venture between German Mercedes-Benz and Chinese Geely, which has switched to producing only electric cars. The first two cars to hit the market feature Volvo technology in practice and Mercedes design and interiors.

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