Fault in electricity connection between Estonia and Finland

A fault was detected in the electricity connection between Estonia and Finland during the night between Thursday and Friday.

The fault does not affect Finnish consumers. chart. AOP

The electricity connection between Estonia and Finland is not in service. The reason for the failure of the EstLink2 power link is still unknown.

Director of Finnish grid company Fingrid Tuomas Rauhala Iltalehtiku commented that Finland and Estonia will work together to find the cause of the problem. EstLink 2 is out of service, but the outage does not have a direct impact on consumers, as electricity is sufficient in Finland.

According to Rauhala, it is not yet clear where the fault lies, at least there is no suspicion of vandalism yet.

– Based on our information, there is no reason to suspect that an external factor is involved.

For an Estonian to Delphi Elering's communications manager commented liis iser He says it is still unknown whether the error was human-caused. The electricity situation in Estonia is also not disturbed when the EstLink2 link is not in use.

EstLink 2 runs 12 kilometers underground in Estonia and 147 kilometers on the bottom of the Gulf of Finland and 14 kilometers on the Finnish side.

There are two EstLink links between Estonia and Finland, with a total transmission capacity of 1000 MW. The first link was opened in 2006 and the second link in 2013. Through this, electricity flows to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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