Fierce arguments at night in Parliament

The debate on the Labor Peace Act continued till two o'clock in the morning on Friday.

The parliamentary debate heated up on the night between Thursday and Friday as MPs debated the government's Labor Peace Act. The proposal, among others, covers a range of political strikes.

MPs from the largest opposition party, the SDP, discussed the Labor Peace Bill in a plenary session until two in the morning on Friday.

Especially around 11 pm on Thursday, emotions ran high in the hall. The talk was presided over by the Second Vice President Darja Filatov (SD) had to interrupt several times during the break.

Not all gaps are included in the Parliamentary Record, but are included in the Minutes.

Nina Malm (SD) delivered a speech in which he criticized the government's plan.

– Malm said that the objectives of this presentation are to protect financial interests, and hiding behind the duty of peace at work only shows the government's lack of knowledge.

Maori Beltogangas (ps) yelled “lots of populist talk”. “That's a good lesson,” he replied to Beltokanga, who was sitting in the hall.

Maury Beltogangas (PS) was one of the tightest breaks of the night. Stock photo. Petteri Paalasmaa

“Parallel program” in hall

Field cloth and Christa Kieru (SD) begin their own conversation in the hall with Malmi's speech.

– Populism! Beltogangas yelled.

– Well, it comes from there all the time! Kyuru yelled again.

– Working agreement of the negotiating parties! Beltogangas repeated.

– The government did not negotiate! Again came from the field cloth.

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– The government did not negotiate! Lark yelled.

Filatov intervened in the situation:

– Now let's be patient with that parallel program and listen to Rep. Malmi's speech.

Christa Giuru (SD) started a knife fight with Maury Beltoganga (SD) on Thursday evening. Stock photo. Petteri Paalasmaa

Beltogangas shouted back that “the government is making presentations, and…” to which Kieru replied that “now the Perusuomalaiset government is not negotiating.” Filatov knocked on the table and said the floor was for Rep. Malmila.

– That's certainly all I wanted to say, Mr. President, Malm said cheerfully.

– Well, Filatov said, and he also laughed.

The shouting continued in the hall. Aki Linden (SD) “Beldogangas, relax relax relax!” said, to which Beltogangas continued:

– I can manage everything with you!

The implementation of the Labor Peace Act continues in Parliament. On Friday, the plenary session begins at 1 pm, but as per the preliminary plan, it will be only a half-hour session. There are no sessions on the Monday and Tuesday before May Day, which means that the implementation of the Labor Peace Act continues after May Day.

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