Finland still depends on Nokia

State Investment Corporation of solidium Administrative director Reima Rytsölä Last week took an exceptionally strong stance Nokian The situation and especially the company's mobile online business came to the fore. Rytsölä now expects transfers from Nokia that will return the company to profitability from the owner's perspective (KL 23.1.).

In Thursday's earnings report, Rytsölä and about 250,000 other shareholders said Nokia was able to somewhat ease concerns about the company's earnings. The company's reported ifrs operating profit was still 1.7 billion euros on turnover of 22.2 billion.

Worst competitor ever Erickson The corresponding figures are a turnover of 23.2 billion euros and a loss of 1.8 billion euros. In the market, Nokia surprised positively and Ericsson negatively.

Rytsölä's question about how good and value-creating business can be done in the mobile online market is even more relevant.

In the Western mobile network market in Europe and the US, depending on the calculation method, there are two or three players, namely Nokia and Ericsson, with reservations. Samsung.

Chinese operators From Huawei Partially or completely expelled from the western market. Despite this, operators have put pressure on large network equipment companies in the Nordics, and revenue growth in mobile networks has lagged behind expectations.

For Finland, Nokia's victory in this competition is even more important. In Finland, research in the 2010s finally re-examined savings mistakes, while research in rival countries has increased.

Nokia's problems at the time caused some downsizing, but even now, Nokia is Finland's herald in the world for its investment in product development.

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Verma's CEO Risto Murto Nokia's share of Finnish listed companies' R&D investments is more than 75 percent, he noted in a tweet earlier in the year. Nokia of Finland's risk is even higher in product development investments.

Each listed company should think about, for example, its dividend policy and whether it can contribute to the company's future needs by buying back its own shares.

While most of Nokia's 4.3 billion research investment last year went to the rest of the world, a lot also comes to Finland. Nokia has increased the number of developers and research on network technology especially for fifth generation (5G) and sixth generation (6G) mobile phones.

Finland's tki strategy still depends on the success of an exceptional company. Because Peter Orbon (kok) The government's additional investments in research are critical if they are used to create new industries and services in partnership with Nokia.

At the same time, you can look at other major listed companies, especially chemicals, forestry and metals.

If Finland's success now and in the future is based on knowledge, research and various innovations, then every listed company should consider its dividend policy and whether buying its own shares will contribute something to the company. Future needs.

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