Finland takes part in massive NATO exercise – Russia responds with violence

In Russia, the NATO exercise that began on Monday was not well-received.

The exceptionally large-scale NATO military exercise that began on Monday has not gone unnoticed in Russia. They are engaged in training from the 4th to the 15th in the northern regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden. Thousands of allied soldiers marched as part of a series of NATO exercises in Arctic conditions.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Crusoe The newspaper said Reporter NATO exercises are provocative in nature.

– All exercises near the border increase the possibility of military conflicts, he commented.

As for the defense forces, the Norwegian-led Nordic Response 24 exercise is the largest international military exercise abroad in its history, with more than 4,000 Finnish soldiers taking part.

Appears in St. Petersburg Peterburgskij dvevnik – The newspaper continues like Khrushchev and sees NATO's exercise near Russia's borders as an act that needs to be handled with a strong hand.

– I understand that the Finns, who joined NATO, are now forced to obey the general trend among the members of the camp and to rattle their guns in our direction, commented the St. Petersburg politician to the newspaper. Georgy Abelev.

According to him, if war breaks out, Finland will soon be down, and our country will have nothing.

– Unfortunately, more and more new exercises on our borders show that Western politicians seek confrontation with Russia. Such action inevitably requires a strong reaction from us, Abelev said.

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