Finland will be the first to suffer from heightened tensions between Russia and NATO, Russian ambassador threatens | News Fin

Finland, a Russian diplomat, will be the first to suffer as tensions between Russia and security alliance NATO tighten. Mikhail Ulzhanov Threatens the news agency RIA Novosti In the interview.

– I don't understand how Finland benefits from this [Natoon liittymisestä]. They lived peacefully and peacefully, and suddenly found themselves an integral part of the alliance between Russia and NATO, but they are our neighbors. God forbid, if the situation worsens, Finland will be the first to suffer. “Of course, I don't like it,” says Ulyanov, who represents Russia in UN bodies in Vienna.

Uljanov says that Russia considers Finland a neighbor and an ally with good relations with Russia. According to Russia's own propaganda, Finland's accession to NATO forced it to take various countermeasures, such as re-establishing a military district in the Leningrad region in the future.

After Russia escalated the war in Ukraine with a full-scale offensive in February 2022, Finland applied for NATO membership along with Sweden. Finland became a full member of the defense alliance in April 2023.

Finland has received many threats from Russia during the NATO membership process and after its implementation. According to experts' estimates, Russia could not significantly threaten Finland due to heavy military losses in Ukraine.

The public has recently speculated that Russia may attack NATO in the next few years if the war in Ukraine escalates. Researcher at the British think tank Rusi Justin Frank Assessment Russia will not attack Finland first until Yle from mid-December because Finland has a significantly stronger army. For decades, Finland has also maintained a strong training and mobilization capability in the event of a Russian attack.

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