“Finland's most hated dog man” convicted of animal welfare crime – he rediscovered and sat on dog Nala | Homeland

David Lopez and his wolf dog Nala last spring when Lopez refused to hold his pet, which attacked other dogs.

David Lopez and Nala the dog. Stock photo from May 2023. Photo: Marco Melto / Yell

Birganma District Court has sentenced By David Lopez Animal protection crime. He was fined 70 days, totaling 420 euros.

According to the district court, the situation that led to the verdict now unfolded as follows: Lopez kept her mixed-breed dog, Nala, free in the yard. Nala, who was on the loose, attacked a passing dog. To end the situation, Lopez grabbed the dog by the leg, fed it and sat on it.

Additionally, Lopez pried Nala's mouth open to stick his thumb down the dog's throat. Lopez also carried the dog around its neck by several meters of hair.

According to the judgement, the aforesaid may have most likely caused Nala pain and unnecessary suffering.

Lopez denied kicking the dog in court. He admitted sitting on the dog and putting his finger in its mouth. He said he did this to show leadership to Nala.

In light of current research, the ruling notes that such actions do not increase the dog's trust in its owner, but rather erode it.

Lopez's defense attorney Three column He discussed the punishment with Lopez. It is not yet certain whether the sentence will be appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Pilvaninen would not comment on the whereabouts of Nala the dog at this time.

An animal protection offense is punishable by a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

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Nala attacks other dogs

Yle previously reported on the problems caused by Nala, a dog abandoned by Spanish-born David Lopez.

López freelanced for Nala for several years, first in Helsinki and later in Tampere. Last spring, Yle reported how some Tampere residents changed their daily lives when Lopez refused to hold their dog.

Dogs must be kept under control in urban areas by law. From March to August, there is also a dog confinement period during which the dog must be kept on a leash at all times or can be immediately leashed even outside of the off-leash area.

People's fear and irritation is caused by Nala attacking other dogs.

Lopez explained the reason for keeping her dog loose was, among other things, cultural differences and the need for dogs to be allowed to run free.

Why does David Lopez repeatedly break the rules of thumb? Sean Riggs made a documentary about David and his dog Nala, who caused dangerous situations, and traced the background to the revolt against the system as a whole. The documentary was released in October 2023.

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