Finnair has canceled around 550 flights due to the strike

The company's goal is to operate private flights on strike days.

According to Finnair, the diversion takes a total of two days. Pete Anikari

Finnair has to cancel most of its flights on the 1st and 2nd. Due to the February political strike, the company reports. The aviation union announced it would take part in a major strike in early February.

In total, up to 550 flights will be cancelled. The strike will significantly affect operations at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Finnair flights, the release said.

Flights will be canceled one flight at a time starting Tuesday morning, January 30. At the same time, Finnair automatically offers customers an alternative route.

– We do our best to offer a suitable flight option to as many customers as possible, but there are limited alternative flights, Director of Finnair's Operations Center Jari Bhajanen The notice says.

– As our customer service centers are unfortunately overcrowded and waiting times can be long, we ask customers to wait for our proposal for an alternate flight.

Private flights

According to Finnair's press release, more than 35,000 customers have changed their flights to another day. The company already offered a replacement in January.

– From January 30, 2024 we will be able to route more widely because we are using other airlines' flights for rerouting and operating within the deadlines of rerouting agreements, Bajanen says in the press release.

The company's goal is to operate private flights on strike days. Finnair says it will notify customers of the flights in question directly.

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Ground services for individual flights, such as baggage loading, may be disrupted and flights may be delayed on strike days, the company said. Anu Kivisto

You can also cancel the ticket

According to Finnair, the rerouting will take a total of two days because of the number of canceled flights and diverted customers.

– It is really unfortunate that the political strike is having a significant impact on our customers' travels. In close cooperation with our partners, we are working hard to ensure that air traffic resumes as smoothly as possible after the strike,” Bhajanen said in a press release.

If the date of travel cannot be moved, the flight booking can be canceled and the unused ticket refunded.

Customers who have purchased a ticket from Finnair can do this in the My Booking service on the company's website or by contacting Finnair's customer service. If the ticket was not purchased directly from Finnair, customers should contact the travel agency that booked the ticket, the release said.

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