Finnish surprise winner Elian Lehto sends a receipt to Kalle Palender: “Let's come and watch the games” | game

Elian Lehto achieved his best ranking at the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Elian Lehto made a splash this fall. Photo: Getty Images

Alpine skier Elian Lehdo The Kitzbühel downhill was the cause of the big Finnish surprise. The Finnish calculator was 11th in the race.

The Finnish figure crossed the finish line in tenth place early. The race was suspended for a long time, after which there were two more runners. About them Arnaud Boisset Passed the Finns, leaving Lehto with a final ranking of 11th.

It was the 23-year-old Lehto's best ranking at the Alpine Skiing World Cup. His previous best was 20th, which he broke at the weekend.

Commentator of Yle Urheilu Kalle Balandar Captured during the fall of Lehto.

– Let it come, let it come! Everything will be alright.

As Lehdo crossed the race line in tenth place, Palandar lit up even more.

– Aha! Here's what's going on! An absolutely stunning race from Elian Lehto.

This is Finland's best men's ranking at the World Cup. Rita Ollicka In 1973, the women's downward spiral was ranked tenth.

France won the match Cyprian Sarasin Before Italy Florian Scheider As well as a superstar, Switzerland Marco Odermatia. Lehto finished 1.15 seconds behind the winner.

Elian Lehto was stunned at the collapse

“No win”

Lehto's career best was shattered. The athlete is on the desired growth curve. Lehdo takes a moderate approach to his acting. He will compete next time already on Saturday.

– Very good feelings. Lehto agrees.

According to the calculator, the total concentration is in the final season.

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– Still no win, no podium. However, I am really satisfied. Now we are slowly moving towards the World Cup Finals. That was the big goal.

Elian Lehdo

Elian Lehto was 11th in the steeplechase. Photo: Getty Images

Lehto analyzes that Friday's race performance was not perfect.

– From the first gap to the second sector, I was on a full trip. However, it does not get stuck in the tooth cavity. Alpine skiing is a very sensitive sport that can never have a perfect pedigree. There is always room for improvement.

Kale Palander is a legend of Finnish men's alpine skiing. He made a name for himself in technical sports. Lehto sends greetings to Palander.

– Hello Kalle. Kai should call him here. He can watch the games on the spot, not just commentating from Finland.

Updated 15:51: Corrected that Lehto is 11th, not tenth.

16.55 Updated: Added story with Lehto's comments.

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