Flightradar24: Russian plane in Finnish airspace

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, there were no thunderstorms or turbulence along the flight path during the flight.

The Flightradar website showed a possible Russian plane in Finnish airspace. The Rossiya Airlines flight in the chart does not appear to have been involved in the incident. Petri Saarelainen

The Flightradar24 website, which collects flight data, said a Russian flight from Moscow to Murmansk was flying on the Finnish side on Friday morning.

According to the website, it would have been a Rossiya Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger plane.

According to FlyRadar, the plane crossed the southeastern border of Finland just after nine o’clock and flew for a long time in central Finland until it turned back to the Russian side at half past eleven above Olu.

Fintraffic’s Director of Strategy and Communications, available for free Miko Sariaho Flightradar does not verify the information. He comments that there are frequent errors in the information on the site, and reminds us that, for example, weather information can affect aircraft flight paths in many ways.

The Border Patrol did not comment this morning on the accuracy of FlyRadar’s data.

No thunder

On Thursday at 15:00, the Finnish Meteorological Agency reviewed the meteorological situation in Europe with thunderstorms on the Russian-Finnish border. Scattered thunderstorms east of the border.

On Friday morning, the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute will not do anything to affect the aviation weather. Janika Thaklan was involved.

– At least according to my information, for example, there are no thunderstorms or strong turbulence in the region, Takkala said after ten on Friday.

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Also a meteorologist with the Meteorological Service of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Birgit Aval He says there are no thunderstorms or turbulence between Murmansk and Moscow on Friday morning.

Both meteorologists did not take a position on the reasons for the possible detour of the Russian plane, but commented on the weather data in the region in general.

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