Foreign Minister Elina Valdonen on the situation in Israel and Iran: “It's good that the attacks are limited” – Watch Live | Homeland

Valdönen is a guest on Yle Ykkösaamu's broadcast. Relations between Israel and Iran risk escalating into war. Attacks have been carried out by both sides within a week.

How does Finland's foreign minister see the risk of war escalation? Minister of Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonen is the guest of Yakuzamu.

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Foreign Minister Elena Waldonen (Joint) comments on the situation in Israel and Iran at Yle Ykkösaamu.

– It is very important that the parties keep calm and try to calm the situation. Israel and Iran have tried to defuse the situation, Valtonen said in Ylen Ykkösaamu.

Between Thursday and Friday, Israel carried out drone strikes on Iran.

The attack was a countermeasure after Iran fired hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel last weekend in retaliation for an attack on its embassy in early April.

According to Waldonen, there is a fear of a cycle of revenge between the two countries. According to Waldonen, there is something good about the situation.

– The good thing is that the attacks are limited, Valtonen said.

– And from Iran's side it was emphasized that if we look at yesterday's situation, Israel's attack would not have been so significant. This implies that there will be no need to launch a retaliatory attack.

Is World War III imminent?

Besides Israel and Iran, there is war in Ukraine and Gaza. The Red Sea is turbulent and Taiwan is very nervous.

Is World War III imminent or already underway?

– Waldonen said that there is no reason for such a discussion.

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– Of course everything affects everything, he continued.

The background to the crisis is an old dispute in the Middle East over the status of the Palestinians. In it, Iran supports all of Israel's enemies.

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“Ukraine aid now advanced”

Foreign Minister Elena Valtonen (coordinator) told STT that the dangerous cycle of expansion must be stopped quickly.

“Finland and other countries are following the developments closely,” Valdönen said.

Valdönen has previously said that Finland, as part of the international community, will try to do everything it can to ensure that no further action is taken.

At the same time, the war in Ukraine continued.

In the United States, aid to Ukraine now moved forward on Friday, when the country's House of Representatives voted to bring planned aid packages to a vote on Saturday for Ukraine, Israel and other allies.

In the US, the House of Representatives is expected to decide today on aid packages for Ukraine and Israel.

The House of Representatives voted 316-94 in favor of bringing the package to Parliament. The New York Times With broad cross-party support, Saturday also bodes well for the vote.

Finland also has its own security concerns. Prime Minister Peter Orbo (Collector) and President of the European Union Commission Ursula van der Leyen He visited the eastern border yesterday. According to Von der Leyen, Putin has set his sights on Finland, and it has launched a hybrid operation against Finland similar to the one previously seen by Belarus along the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

  • Ykkösaamu Saturday on TV1, Yle Radio 1 and Yle Areena. Interviewer Seija Waharkumpu.
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