Fröbel’s blocks Ruisrock wowed the audience and the popularity surprised the orchestra: “the feeling of being hit on the head with a tree” | Culture

The legendary children’s group evoked nostalgic feelings in young festivals.

Fröbel’s blocks Ruisrock made the audience play and sing.

Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice!

The crowd gathered in front of Ruizrock’s Randalava couldn’t wait for Froebel’s volumes to be performed on Saturday.

Froebel’s volumes have long been favorites with Ruizrock’s audience. However, the band refused to perform adult concerts for a long time. Now the wait was rewarded.

Founded in 1987, the children’s band became a favorite of many who lived through their childhood in the 1990s. Now they participate in festivals in full.

The youth knew such familiar victories from childhood Testimony And Lion hunting More memorization and related movements. Ruisrock’s randwala has never before been seen as a children’s singing arena.

The audience at Ruizrock was excited to play with Froebel’s blocks during the show. Photo: Ville Vedenpää / Yle

Nostalgia appeals

After the gig, he dressed as a horse Ilbo Havisto Mixed Nellie Dahlgren And Alina Water They were in high spirits. They thought singing and dancing were better Sweater suit.

– Froebel’s volumes were absolutely amazing. Great gig. Unforgettable, the trio beamed.

A man and two women in horse costumes smile at the camera in Ruisrock.

According to Nellie Dahlgren, Ilbo Havisto and Alina Water, the Froebel Blocks gig was unforgettable. Photo: Ville Vedenpää / Yle

They say they weren’t even born when the band’s first songs were released. In their opinion, the best thing about Froebel’s volumes is nostalgia.

– All the songs are known and Froebel’s volumes have a lot of sentimental value, say Dahlgren and Water.

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Balika-boyka was excited to see his father on stage

Janne muikku-nutinen Froebel followed the Balikoin concert from a special vantage point because the band’s guitarist Timo Neutinen is his father.

– People shouted as a child that was the son of that Baligoi. As I got older, that changed. If parents can be proud of their children, I am very proud of my father.

A man and a woman smile at the camera in Ruisrock.

– I’ve been going to festivals for about ten years now and this one is definitely in the top 2, Janni Muikku-Nutinen shines with his wife Janni-Marie Muikku-Nutinen. Photo: Ville Vedenpää / Yle

wife Janni-Mari Muikku-Nuthinen Says the magic of Fröbel’s blocks is passed on to the next generation.

– When I was three years old, I went to a concert for the first time, and now I take our three-year-old to a concert. Yes, it says about those songs that you can handle and want to listen to them.

Froebel’s bricks in wonder

Froebel’s constituents were full of smiles after Ruizrock’s performance. They had heard that their performance would be dazzling, but they did not believe that they had seen such a large crowd singing and playing.

– It was a breathtaking experience, says the guitarist Timo Neutinen.

Singer of Mats Lilrank Accordingly, it was a day of celebration for them as they played to huge audiences at the famous Ruizrock.

– Yes, I feel like I’ve been hit on the head with a tree. It was more than you can imagine and yes it was very good.

Froebel's bricks pose for the camera in Ruisrock.

Members of Froebel, i.e. Mats Lilrank, Aari Bergström, Timo Neutinen and Hannu Mäkela after the Ruisrock performance. Photo: Ville Vedenpää / Yle

Fröbel’s blocks have now been performed for an adult audience for the first time, and at this stage they believe it will be a unique experience.

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– Our target group has always been children and will continue to be. Sometimes some exceptions can be made. But kids grow up, and if you can push it long enough, Lilrank says, they’ll remember us well.

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