Frosts return to Finland: next week could be 6-10 degrees colder than average, according to monthly forecast – Kotima

Jupiter is already turning cold. According to the long-term forecast, the weather in Finland is expected to be up to 10 degrees cooler than normal.

Last week After freezing temperatures followed by warming, Finland is expected to have another long winter.

Lauha cools our country till Wednesday, but on Thursday, Khalsa will catch up again.

During the day, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, temperatures will drop between 5 and 10 degrees in southern and central parts of the country, and between 10 and 15 degrees in northern Lapland.

Thursday is expected to be a dusty, frosty day. A meteorologist working in a meteorological agency Edu Rimon In clear parts of Lapland, minus readings can drop as low as 20 degrees.

Friday could be even colder if there are gaps in the increased cloud cover.

– If cloudy, in the south we will stay at -5-10 degrees, but if the clouds break, maybe -15. In Lapland it could go down to -20 degrees, Rimo summarizes the forecast.

A tourist admires Finland's winter scenery in Rovaniemi's Ounasjoki on Friday, January 5.

A weather service meteorologist Friday night Jonas Koskela forecast 15-25 degrees below zero in almost the entire country.

By the end of the week, temperatures will rise somewhat if the low pressure seen on the weather maps travels over Finland.

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This week An even colder ride could be in store if the long-range forecast is correct.

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Published this week The latest monthly forecast from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) predicts even 6-10 degrees colder air than average for the whole of Finland next week.

Outdoor enthusiasts can chill.

It's hard to tell if we'll go into a fast freeze or stay somewhere around -10 degrees.

– Of course, there is significant uncertainty in the forecast, but severe frost is again possible across the country, says Joonas Koskela on Monday. In the forecast article.

Eetu Rimo of the Finnish Meteorological Institute stresses that the accuracy of the monthly forecast is still in question.

– It looks like it's going to be colder next week, but it's hard to tell if we'll go into freezing fast or stay somewhere around -10 degrees.

At the beginning of the year in Finland, we managed to get out in the cold winter.

The previous one You won't be surprised by an Arctic like this week yet, as the high pressure seen next week doesn't look as strong.

If the turbulent low pressure at the base of Finland turns over Finland, it will drop freezing temperatures.

However, there may be some dull weather again in mid-January.

– Different weather models now give snow, 10-15 degrees. Rimo says that if the clouds break, we can immediately go to at least -20-25 degrees.

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