Germany again blocks arms aid to Ukraine – the expert does not mince his words

Germany's gradualism in providing arms aid to Ukraine is stirring emotions again.

First we argued about tanks, then fighters. Now Germany is once again blocking the export of a new weapon to Ukraine.

The powerful German Taurus missiles, which Ukraine desperately needs, have become a bone of contention. It is a missile with a range of 500 kilometers.

So far, Germany has not promised Ukraine a taurus.

– According to information, the Germans have about 600 of them, military expert Emil Gustehelmi tells Iltalehti's Situation Studio.

With Taurus missiles, Ukraine can strike deep into Russian-occupied territories. Manufacturer's photo. All Over Press

According to Gustehelmi, Ukraine could use the Taurus and other long-range missiles to implement, for example, an “eternal project”, which would be a huge shame for Russia:

– A use case could be cutting the Crimean bridge.

However, the delivery of German missiles is being held back by the same familiar thing as before: a defense policy analysis that Gustehelmi finds flawed.

– Putin's claims about red lines have already been shown to be rhetoric a few times, Gustehelmi ed.

– Other than Germany, other Western countries are very strongly behind this type of idea, Russia can bomb Ukraine and attack it at will with large missile campaigns, but Western missiles cannot touch Russia.

What is the analysis based on and has anything changed in relation to it now? You can watch the entire conversation on the topic in the video at the beginning of the story.

Watch Tilannestudio's 76th episode in full here.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with President Olaf Scholz in Berlin last May. All Over Press

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