Gertu Niskanen nudged Ivo's brother on his heels

Finland's championship was the thirteenth individual championship of his career.

Gertu Niskanen is the champion from Finland. Jussi Saarinen

Kertu Niskanen He won the thirteenth individual Finnish championship of his career in Äänekoski on Saturday, winning the 10 km traditional pursuit race.

He surpassed his brother in the number of degrees Iivo NiskanenHe has won 12 individual golds.

– Ha, ha, I know there are 13 championships now, after Friday's 5km free time trial, Niskanen laughed and said he didn't know how many SM gold medals were in the trophy cabinet.

Niskanen now has his 13th gold Hilka Rihivuren with.

are above Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi (28 individual gold), MIga Mailila (25), Harry Girvesniemi (20), Juha Miodo (19), Riitta-Liisa Roponen (16), Sami Jauhojarvi (15), Krista Pharmakoski (15) and Kaisa Waris (15)

– Saturday was pretty easy. There were large audiences and enthusiasm was strong. On the way, people shout that pipe, pipe and gas, gas, then I skied all the others, Niskanen summed up his race on Saturday.

Silver medalist Pharmakoski was no different at 1.43.8.

– Smooth tracks, but one track had a pothole. Very good condition.

If Niskanen is healthy, he will be the heavy favorite for gold in the 30km Classic WC intermediate start in Rovaniemi in two weeks.

– No medals will be awarded yet, Niskanen smiled.

Known thing

Krista Farmakoski (left), Gerttu Niskanen and Johanna Madindalo advance to the ball. Jussi Saarinen

Like silver, pharmacogenomic silver.

– Gertu started very hard. On the second lap, I found the gap to the rear very secure. “Then in the end I thought I'd save for the WC relay on Sunday,” commented Pharmakoski.

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Courtenay already knew Saturday's script.

– The entire long season was contested here, so you know where everyone is going. Of course, I had to try because something could always happen.

Saturday in Äänekoski, there was a competition at the laister party.

Failure is success

Johanna Mathindalo made the save. Jussi Saarinen

On Friday, I was in pain with equipment problems Johanna died SM moved up to bronze from fifth place.

– Failure is success. I definitely would have liked a better result from Friday's race so I could have started closer to Gertu and Christa. After Friday, it was clear that I would not reach them, Madinthalo commented.

In the final results, he was 2:05.2 behind Niska and 22 seconds behind Pharmakoski.

A week ago on Saturday, Madindalo finished second in the traditional 10 intermediate opening race of the World Cup in Falun. This is the first platform in the normal journeys of my MC career.

– Before the Ruka World Cup in November, I was in good shape until I got sick. Before Rukka, I did hard strength training on a roller mat at home. Then in January I did the same workouts as before Ruka, so I knew I was in the same shape based on them. I think I'm still in good shape now, Madinthalo commented.

– After a rough start to the season, I'm a little surprised that the results and performances have been stable – On the other hand, we, coach Ville Nausianen Applied with us, Squire added.


Anegoski SM Skiing

Women's 10km (P), Pursuit:

1. Gertu Niskanen (Wiermann Koito) 29.13,8

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2. Christa Pharmakoski (Age Athletes) +1.43.8

3. Johanna Mathindalo (Athletes of the Table) +2.05,2

4. Jasmine Jones (Wanta Ski Club) +2.16,6

5. Anne Gillonen (Kainuu Ski Club) +2.22,0

6. Vilma Nisinen (Vugati Ski Team Kainu) +4.00,4

7. Vilma Rytty (Iisalmen Vesa) +4.01.0

8. Jasmin Gahara (Vugati Ski Team Kainu) +4.17,0

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