Government changes billion-dollar projects – Essaya: “must be ready today”

The second day of the government's structural crisis begins. Today, the plan should lock in savings results.

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The committee meets for a second day of talks.

The talks will start at 9am on Tuesday and ministers are not holding an official “doorstep”, meaning they can make comments at the start of the talks, the media have been told.

However, Iltalehti follows the situation at the beginning of the negotiation day directly in front of the negotiation venue in the morning. A political reporter is on site Mika Koskinen and photographer Henry Carcainan.

At least the leaders of the ruling parties, ie the Prime Minister, are expected to attend Peter's Heel (kok), Finance Minister Rika Burra (ps), Education Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Sari Essaiah (kd).

Gehisrihi will be held in the party residence of the State Council, namely Smolna in Helsinki.

The General Financial Plan for the years 2025-2028 is in the table. Due to the weak economic situation, the government targets a new adjustment of three billion euros: two billion in cuts, one billion in tax increases.

The frame race officially began on Monday, with the two-day event concluding on Tuesday. The government will arrange a press conference at the end of the talks.

On Monday, little information about the status of negotiations leaked to the public. Above all, a decision has been taken to raise Value Added Tax, which will rise by 1.5 percentage points.

Iltalehti had previously said that based on its information, the government would probably decide on, for example, tougher taxation of pensions, higher taxation of high earners, value-added tax and health tax. To be done.

Finance Minister Rika Burra and Prime Minister Petteri Orbo held a press conference on Monday morning to address the structural crisis. Henry Carcainan

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