Govt’s Rank Crack – Plan to Allow 8% Liquor in Crumbling Shops

The SDP proposed in the parliamentary committee that the liquor law reform process be suspended. The ruling party’s Byvi Rasanen (KD) is on the opposition side.

A government proposal to allow grocery stores to sell 8 percent liquor is in trouble in Parliament. The show is on the verge of crashing.

The SDP has called on the Social and Health Committee on Tuesday to withdraw the proposal to the ministry and suspend consideration of the bill. The SDP opposes the motion on public health grounds.

The committee will vote on the continuation of the bill at its meeting on Wednesday.

According to reports from Iltalehti, the opposition parties are opposing the motion in the committee. Also, the ruling party K.T.

Päivi Räsänen of the ruling party KD is in a critical position as a parliamentary committee votes on whether to proceed with the government’s alcohol bill. Atte Cajoa

Sitting on the board Byvi Rasanan (kd) told HS last week that he was against raising the percentage limit. Rasanen is at the extreme end of the scale, so if Rasanen votes against the government, the result is 8-9 in favor of the opposition.

– I recently proposed that the Social and Health Committee suspend the implementation of the Alcohol Act because all the experts consulted by the committee were against the government’s proposal. The government has tabled this issue today. A solution will be found in the committee meeting at 9.30 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, committee member, S.D.P. Ilmari Nurminen Write the message service in X.

– The Social and Health Committee today discussed the continuation of the Government’s alcohol law changes. The Committee supported the prosecution and conclusion of expert consultations, said the Chairman of the Social and Health Committee, SDP’s Christa Kieru Write in X.

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The government’s proposal is to raise the percentage limit of alcohol sold in shops to 8 per cent for fermented drinks from the current 5.5 per cent.

The proposal has sparked debate from a public health perspective, but the proposal only allows stores to sell strong drinks made by fermentation. The product cuts strong tentacles produced by product distillation. The EU Commission has given the green light to allow only fermented beverages.

According to the government’s proposal, 8% of fermented beverages should be allowed on grocery store shelves. Illustrative image. Anu Kivisto

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