Håkanen rushed from the NATO meeting to Tampere – a marathon of 14 speeches ahead

Defense Minister Anti Häkkänen (Kok) flew directly to the party meeting from the NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting.

Defense Minister Andy Hokkanen (kok) repeated the issue of the NATO meeting at the Allies meeting on Saturday morning.

NATO headquarters and NATO’s FLF ground forces will be based in Finland, Hekkanen said Friday in Brussels. In addition, all the Nordic countries were accepted under the Norfolk headquarters, which was also Finland’s destination.

– This preparation was a long process, but in the end we got the political support of all NATO countries for these goals. I am very satisfied, Hakanen tells Iltalehde in the Tampere building.

According to Hakanen, in practice this means that NATO’s role in Finland will be strengthened, and Finland will quickly train NATO’s FLF forces if the security situation in Finland tightens.

Hekkanen said Saturday morning that the West needs to wake up and help Ukraine more. According to Hakanen, Finland took care of its own affairs, but the West could do more to defeat Russia.

According to Hakanen, Russia’s goals have not changed, it is still trying to conquer all of Ukraine and create fronts in Europe.

– This is not a good future prospect for Finland either.

14 speaking opportunities on Saturday

Hakkasan has a vice-presidential election ahead of him in Tampere, as well as the Minister of Municipalities and Regions. Anna-Kaisa IkonenMinister of Science and Culture Saree Multala and M.P Jarno Limnell And Karolina Partenen.

Hakanen expects an interesting election.

– There are always many candidates in the vice-presidential election and there is extensive debate about the direction and future of the coalition. I think there will be a lot of discussion today, the actual day of the main campaign.

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– I have 14 speeches on various occasions today, so there is no time to discuss here.

Håkanen had flown directly from Brussels to the party meeting and was campaigning in Tampere on Friday evening.

The minister slept for six hours.

– This is the prince for such a father of a family with small children.

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