Harry and Meghan got to the bottom of the pages of the court – now the whole presentation was cut

On the royal family's website, the introduction speech about Harry and Meghan can no longer be trimmed.

Prince Harry's And the Duchess Megan's Long introductions to Great Britain On the Royal Family website Below the Royal Family page introductions have been converted into a short composite text.

Previously, the pages of the royal family had long and detailed texts about the couple, discussing things like childhood, career and achievements. Prince Harry's speech mentions how Harry is fifth in line to the throne. Meghan's previous speech talked about her success as an actress and her accomplishments in volunteer work.

Meghan and Harry were photographed in Vancouver, Canada in February. AOP

Now, a happy picture of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan wearing lead around their necks is presented, and the introductory speech mentions how the couple have shied away from their royal duties. Next, the text says that Harry and Meghan got married in May 2018 in Windsor and have two children.

The revised introductory text briefly reviews Harry's work in service with the Defense Forces, for example in Afghanistan.

The final part of Harry and Meghan's new introduction speech is about the couple stepping back from working in the royal family. “They will not return to their duties as members of the royal family, but will remain beloved members of the family,” the text reads.

Source: Glass.

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