Heat wave! The 20 degree threshold may be broken tomorrow

In addition to the 20-degree temperature, Wednesday will include thunderstorms and a dusting of sand.

On Wednesday, a small area may break 20 degrees in places in the southeast. Stock photo. Leasima below

The hottest days of the week are upon us with 17.5 degrees measured at Hatula near Hameenlinna on Tuesday. Wednesday could be even hotter, but Forca says the forecast is uncertain On his weather blog.

– On Tuesday, there was heat and sun in a wide area, on Wednesday, according to the current forecast, the heat will spread only to places in the south-eastern part of the country. However, the highest temperatures in the south-east could reach 20 degrees inland and possibly more, meteorologist Jonah Rinn predicted.

According to him, such warmth can only be expected in a very small area.

Wednesday's forecast is even more variable. The heat wave is likely to persist outside Finland's borders. A hot wind blew in Sweden already on Tuesday. In southern Sweden, temperatures soared above 20 degrees in some places. In Germany, Poland and Lithuania, readings soared to 27-28 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday, daytime temperatures will mostly be 9-14 degrees in southern and central parts of the country, and 3-10 degrees in Lapland.

– In the afternoon or evening, Merenkurku and Paremar will be windy, possibly even at gale force levels. The wind is blowing across the country, Rinne says.

A rain zone is moving over the western and northern parts of the country. Only in the hand it rains in every way. Thunderstorms are possible during the rain in the western part of Finland.

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Sand from the Sahara

In addition, the Sahara may become part of the sand for Finland. Sand dust from the Sahara was already transported to Finland earlier this year, for example around Easter. For example, sand is seen as brown on the surface of snow.

– It seems that a large part of the sand from the Sahara will be transported to Finland with the wind current on Wednesday. However, Rinne says the hazy skies are barely visible in most parts of the country as the weather remains overcast.

At best, you'll find a dim sky in the middle of the country, where the sun might even make an appearance.

According to the forecast, the weather will turn colder next week. Inca Soweri

Rainy and cold all week

According to the current forecast, Jupiter is windy. Changeable weather continues.

– Small patches of rain move over Finland from time to time. Cloudiness varies. Temperatures weren't as high as Tuesday and in some places Wednesday, but there were still plenty of places that were clearly warmer than average for that time, Rinn said.

The south and central parts of the country are likely to experience hailstorms during the night before Thursday. In central and northern Lapland, snow and sleet-like rain falls in some places. Rain continues throughout the day in the south and north, otherwise most of the country will remain dusty. Daytime temperatures on Thursday will be 8-13 degrees in southern and central parts of the country and mostly 3-10 degrees in the north.

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A sunny and dusty day is forecast for Friday. Temperatures will remain at Jupiter levels. The weekend will be a bit warmer, but it will also rain in Finland.

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