Hedin is an importer of MG cars in Finland – probably also meaning petrol cars

Kidnapping news 4.1.2024

The sales and service network for Chinese-made cars initially consists of 13 full-service retail outlets.

MG Motor Europe has selected Hedin Mobility Group to import MG electric cars in Finland. Chinese manufacturer MG gained visibility when it launched a price war in Finland, which could once again change the price of the car market.

Hedin MG Finland Oy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hedin Mobility Group AB, markets MG's electric and hybrid passenger cars, including spare parts and accessories, and supplies the cars to authorized MG dealers in the Finnish Chamber.

Sales and customer deliveries are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2024. The sales and service network initially consists of 13 full-service retail outlets operated by Hedin Automotive Oil.

In the rise of Sweden

On the other hand, Hedin Mobility Group has been the importer and seller of MG in Sweden since 2021. The first cars were delivered to Swedish customers in May 2021, and since then nearly 20,000 MG cars have been registered in Sweden.

With the expansion of the cooperation between Hedin Mobility Group and MG Motor Europe, Finnish customers will be offered the same selection of MG fully electric and hybrid cars as in Sweden. In order to better meet the needs of Finns, petrol cars may also be sold in Finland in the future. All models are covered by a seven-year manufacturer's warranty and roadside service.

The bulletin lists the car models:

  • MG4 Electric – Fully electric crossover
  • MG5 Electric – The first fully electric station wagon
  • MG ZS EV – Fully electric SUV
  • MG Marvel R Electric – A fully electric large SUV
  • MG EHS – Plug-in-Hybrid SUV
  • MG HS & ZS – Internal combustion engine models
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– We have tested the Finnish market with limited sales of MG cars in the second half of 2023 and we know that there is a lot of interest in MG fully electric cars in Finland. We are pleased to expand our collaboration with MG Motor Europe, the founder and CEO of Hedin Mobility Group. Anders Hedin says

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