Heikki Malinen achieved such an income in Outokumpu

Heikki Malinen, who takes over as Neste's CEO, has had a very positive impact on Outokumpu from a shareholder perspective.

Thursday liquid The next appointed CEO Heikki Malinen Elected to his current post, Outokumpu For Administration, Corona Spring 2020.

Roland Bonn Left the steel company. Maleinen sat on the Outokumpu board, ie Knew the company, otherwise “loose”Leaders etc Curry Jordan Informed about the appointment.

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Malinan has left Mail As managing director of the previous fall. The backdrop is that the CEO's pay is rising at the same time as extensive collective bargaining has taken place at Posti. Posti transferred the workers to the boundary of another collective agreement, resulting in a fierce political struggle and finally the Prime Minister Aunty Rinne (SD) Ero.

Now Malinan is leaving Outokumpu. What did he accomplish there?

Fixing the company's balance sheet is Malinen's top priority, and he estimates he has achieved this goal. Inderes Chief Inspector Petri Kostovsky To Kaupalethi.

Shareholders may be satisfied with Malinon's tenure. The company's share price has risen nearly 71 percent since Malinen's start on Tuesday. Total return, including dividends, has already risen 105 percent.

It's good to remember that Malinen started the stock market in the corona hole, that's where the heyday started.

Of course it's gone now. The stock is now down to 3.7 euros, down from more than six euros in early 2022.

Economic life analyst Ari Rajala At the same time the share of CEOs of the Helsinki Stock Exchange was compared to that of the producer. Malinen's earnings per share ranks 18th among 67 CEOs.

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Outokumpu will release its results report next week at the start of the year.

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