Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is already threatened with fuel shortages in a week | economy

During the strike, which began on Monday, jet fuel is being delivered to Lapland airports from Sweden. In Helsinki-Vantaa, a jet kerosene shortage could occur within a week if the strike continues.

At Helsinki-Vantaa, there is enough aviation fuel for at least a week. Companies try to refuel machines abroad to save fuel in Finland. Photo: Mikko Koski / Yle

At Helsinki-Vantaa, jet kerosene storage tanks are filled to the brim, but not enough fuel for the entire duration of the strike.

– Normally, the airport's tanks hold enough aviation fuel for a maximum of five days, but as airlines have switched to refueling overseas, the director of operations estimates that this will be enough for a week. Jarmo Haro Shell Aviationista.

Neste, which supplies jet fuel, has also estimated that there will be problems with its supply.

– Neste's communications says that the political strike is affecting the distribution of our products, and despite our precautionary measures, we unfortunately cannot guarantee uninterrupted deliveries.

Airlines flying to Finland have been advised to refuel their planes on the return journey during the strike in order to save fuel in airport tanks.

This is easily reached by flying from nearby airports such as Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm.

Refueling is more challenging if the starting field is far away.

– With flights from the Mediterranean region, the flight distance is already too long to refuel the entire return journey. At that point, they'll have to make a technical stop along the way, Jarmo Haro reckons.

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The technical easing increases the cost of the flight, and some companies may cancel flights to Finland, especially in the last week of the strike. It will also be difficult to arrange fuel for Chinese companies flying directly into Russian airspace from Asia.

Finnair will begin making long-haul wide-body flights at airports in northern Europe that return to Helsinki-Vantaa stops, where the planes will refuel as much as possible for the next flight. Planes on European airlines are also refueled before the flight back to Finland.

In Lapland, there is enough aviation fuel to last the entire duration of the strike

The effects of the two-week strike on aviation have been less severe in Lapland than in other parts of Finland.

– CEO says that we drive jet fuel from Lulea to northern airports in Ivalo, Kittila, Rovaniemi and Oulu. Pontus Stenberg Transport company from Kitosimeon.

The company is responsible for Shell Aviation's fuel transportation in Finland. Normally, the company brings fuel to Lapland from warehouses located in Kemi.

– We estimate that Lapland's winter flights will be operated without interruption throughout the strike, says Jarmo Haro.

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