Henriksen created a mess that should have been whistled

RKP leader Anna-Maja Henriksson and party secretary Fredrik Guseff held a press conference at the RKP party office on Tuesday. Jenny is the host

RKB Chairman Anna-Maja Henriksson He held a special press conference at the RKB party office in Helsinki on Tuesday. When the event, which lasted less than an hour, was over, only one thing was certain: Henriksen, who has led the party since 2016, is giving up the party leadership.

The situation at RKP has been chaotic in recent months, and Henriksen is to blame.

Henriksen told Hufvudstadsbladet before Christmas that he was considering running in June's European elections and would announce his decision in January. Henriksen announced at a press conference on 18 January that he would run for office in the European elections.

In terms of information, the January information was a disaster. It was unclear whether Henriksen would stay on as president if he was not elected to the European Parliament. Meppi's dreams of December had already caused turmoil and leadership speculation within the party.

After the press conference in January, the upheaval took on massive proportions, and the RKP began to look like a crisis party.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Henriksen explained what he said at a press conference on January 18.

– At no point did I say that if there were no complaints against me, I would continue as president. Unfortunately, my message was interpreted that way, and Henriksen defended himself.

He certainly didn't say.

The question is why a seasoned politician like Anna-Maja Henriksson didn't make her point completely clear all at once. He could have directly said that he will step down as chairman whether elected or not.

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Henriksen said on Tuesday that whatever happens in the European elections, giving up the presidency has always been his starting point.

Henriksen justified his action by saying that a “very difficult” spring was ahead.

He said that he had tried to find a solution within the party so that the race for the post of leader would not start immediately.

According to Henriksen, the RKP has tough “government negotiations” ahead of it, which he called the government framework talks held in mid-April. The economic situation has weakened and the structural crisis requires billions in additional cuts and tax increases.

At the same time a proper European election campaign should be set up.

Henriksen's idea is that this stitch-up does not require a party leadership contest.

A new leader could easily be chosen at an extraordinary party meeting in September.

Perhaps Henrikson thought its purpose was to sanctify the means. Now that the final result is a mess, it's time to throw Tuesday's party-tearing game.

Henriksen denied putting his own interests ahead of the interests of the party.

– Recently, I feel that a picture has been painted in public, which I myself do not recognize as true. The most important thing for me right now is what is best for RKP, Henriksen said.

Henriksen admits her relationship didn't go well.

In the press conference held on Tuesday, RKP party secretary was also present in the presence of media persons Friedrich Guseff.

After Henriksen spoke, it was Guseff's turn.

The party secretary was quick to say that there was some “turmoil” and “uncertainty” around and within the party. He said it was because of the measurements of the last two HS surveys. HS reported last week that Rkp's support – 3.6 percent – was lower in HS's measure than ever before in the history of the measure, which began in 1991.

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When Gussef later said that the matter should be taken seriously, at least the undersigned got the impression that the accusatory finger of the party secretary was pointing at the leader standing to his right.

It's no coincidence that Henriksen's latest resignation announcement coincides with a record drop in poll support.

It seems strongly that the party needs its presidential run now, not in the fall. A “refreshment” (Henriksen's word) could break the downward spiral of pj-kisa support. The new leader will be elected at a regular party meeting in June – a week after the European elections.

According to the party secretary, whether the new leader of the RKP will be decided at the party meeting in June or an extraordinary party meeting in September will be decided within a month, internal sentiments of the party will be timely. clarified.

Anna-Maja Henriksson Peter Orbon (kok) Government Education Minister. If he is not elected to the European Parliament, his continuation as a minister will be in the hands of the new leader.

The strongest candidates for the new leader of the RKP are the Minister for Europe and Rights Anders Adlergrutz and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the RKP Otto Andersen.

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