Here are the juicy nominees – Yalatiskiloma nabbed no less than 11 nominations.

A total of 15 different films received Juicy nominations.

Mummola movie collected more juicy nominations. Tsai received no fewer than 11 nominations. Sisu got 9 nominations and Jevita got 7 nominations.

The Dyed Leaves and Walloa Walloa received four nominations each.

Patty is a director Thea Kouwon Introductory picture. Its roles include, among others Lena Utila And Tom Wentzel.

Below are the nominees by award category.

Mummola received wild nominations.

Movie of the year

Jevita – Producers Jonas Bergall, Satu Majava, Anna Nuru / October Oi

Dead Leaves – Producers Aki Kaurismäki / Sputnik Oy, Misha Jaari and Mark Lwoff / Bufo Oy

Lapua 1976 – Producers Becca Bojoispa, Mikko Zogibi / Blankface Oi

Mummola – Producers Jussi Randamaki, Emilia Hauka / Film Company AMU

Chisu – Produced by Petri Jograntha / Subzero Film Entertainment

Manager of the Year

Jalmari Hellander – Interior

Aki Kaurismaki – Dead leaves

Tia Kuo – Grandmother

Jalmari received Helander's baby referrals. Tommy Nadri / All Over Press

Major part of the year

Alma Posti – Four Little Adults

Lena Utila – Grandmother

Jussi Vatanen – Dead Leaves

Page of the year

Rhea Khadaja – Grandmother

Jari Virman – The Gambler – Death is a problem for the living

Tom Wentzel – Grandma

New Actress of the Year

Rebecca Baer – Light Light

Sarah Elena – Johannes did not go through Zamza

Sakari Dobi – Grandmother

Audience favorite actress

Linnea Leno – Lapua 1976

Zarco Niemi – Psych Movie: Broken Heart

Alma Posti – Dead Leaves

Ylermi Rajamaa – Risto Räppääja and the wild machine

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Jorma Tomila – Infant

Lite Lite, as expected, received nominations.

Signature of the year

Katja Gourilof, Nillas Holmberg – Zevita

Tia Kuo – Grandmother

Teemu Niki – Gambler – Death is the problem of the living

Description of the year

Tuomo Hutri – Je'vida

Jessie Jalonen – Grandma

Kjell Lagerroos – Infant

Music of the Year

Joel Melasniemi – Light Light

Laura Naukkarinen – Jevita

Juri Seppä, Tuomas Wäinölä – Infant

Sound Design of the Year

Gustaf Berger – kind taxi driver

Jorma Kaulanen – Grandmother

Jukka Nurmela, Timo Beltola – Zevita

Surgery of the Year

Okku Nuutilainen – Grandma

Timo Beltola – Zevita

Juho Virolainen – Infant

Stage design of the year

Nanna Hirvonen – Grandma

Otso Linnalaakso – content

Sattva-Hanna Tovianan – Four Little Adults

Costume design of the year

Neon must – light light light

Anu Prila – Jevita

Anna Wilpunen – Baby

Mask design of the year

Gullicky Bert – Light Light

Terhi Vananen – Lapua 1976

Challah Yili-Luba – Infant

Documentary of the year

The Snowball Effect – Director Paulina Bungi, Producers Paulina Bungi, Kaisa Astikainen / Ida Productions

Máhccan – homecoming – directors Suvi West, Anci Komi, producer Janne Niskala / Vaski Filmi Oi

Vanha Markku – Director Marcus Toivo, Producers Marcus Toivo, Kalervo Aho / Jogi Productions Oy

Short Film of the Year

Blush – Directed by ID Yili-Harja

How Please – Directed by Elena Talvensari

Thank You in Your Language – Directed by Fabian Münstergelm

Jussi nominees are selected annually by an expert jury of experts in collaboration with the Filmaura Board.

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Jussi Gala will be held on March 22, 2024.

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