Here are the reasons for the rare accident of Finnish skiers – a serious scene awaits the next sport

At least three Finns skated in Tuesday's World Cup sprint final. Finland's head coach Teemu Pasanen opens up about the reasons for the exceptional success.

A rare sight! Three Finnish men in the same semifinal at the World Cup of Skiing: Lauri Voorinen, Jonny Mäki and Nilo Moilanen. Photo: Getty Images

Finland's national skiing team won the World Cup of Skiing in Canmore by a wide margin on the speed of traditional skiing.

At least three Finnish athletes were seen in the top six places in the final. Kertu Niskanen It was fourth among women. in a body Larry Voorinen And was in fourth place Johnny Mackey refers to

Such good results in sprints have been rare in the past ten years.

Niskanen has only been in a World Cup sprint final once before, in Stockholm in March 2013. He was in third place then.

The Stockholm sprint final in question was also the first time three Finns had competed in a World Cup sprint final abroad on the same day.

Except for Niskaon, we saw each other in the finals Anne Gillonen And Mona-Lisa Malvaletto.

In Finland, this was last possible in Ruka in November 2021. That time we saw each other in the finals Johanna died, Khatri Lilinbera and Johnny Mackey.

Karttu Niskanen fourth at Canmore Sprint! Norway's Skistad finished second by a narrow margin
Finnish men in sprint frenzy! Lori Voorinen was fourth, Joni Maki fifth for Canmore

Only twice have two Finns reached the top six in a World Cup sprint.

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The last time this happened was in 2003 at the Drammen Sprint Final in Norway. At that time, they reached the top six Keijo Kurtila (2.) And Ari Balolatti (5th). In February 1996, in the Reit Im Winkli World Cup Sprint, among the top six in the results list Jari Isometsä and Ari Balolathi.

Yle Urheilu caught up with the happy Finnish head coach Thimu Pasanen By phone from Canada.

– The mood of different athletes will certainly vary from day to day. Everyone was in a good mood today. The equipment also worked well. We had good and competitive skis. That may be the biggest explanatory factor. This route also seemed suitable for our skiers, Pasanen explained the background of Jimipak.

They also pointed out the relevance of the Canmore route Kertu Niskanen And Larry Voorinen In a recent interview with Viaplay.

– I didn't think before the race that I would be able to ski in the final. It's a good day. As you go higher, even a slow skier like this gets bloody during the day, Niskanen, who won his first heat, spoke to Viaplay and praised his skis.

Gertu Niskanen won his heat in style!

Voorinen thought Canmore's long final time was good because, for him, the final stretch is a strength. Voorinen's fourth place finish was his career best at the World Cup.

Extreme conditions and weak skiing style in Minneapolis

The statistical button on the rare victory of the Finnish players tasted good to head coach Basan.

– For the past few weeks Larry and Joni have been in good spirits all winter. Although not always completely successful in previous games, the situation is good. Basanen explained to Yle Urheilu that if everything goes well, both could be in the final position and fight for the podium places.

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Three Finnish men at the top! Watch a rare sprint semi-final

The sprint success is explained by the fact that now they ski with strong Finnish-style skiing, i.e. traditional skiing. On Saturday in Canmore, Sprint also competed in freestyle skiing. No Finn has reached the semi-finals in that time.

– The traditional way of skiing is Sweden, Norway, some Americans and French. In the free sprint, many Central European countries are tough. With free skiing, it's tough to get to the semifinals, Pasanen reminds.

Freestyle skiing continues with the North American World Cup next weekend in Minneapolis, USA.

There is also a sprint race, but this time in freestyle skiing. In addition, the program includes 10 kilometers of free skiing as an intermediate start.

A difficult situation also awaits in Minneapolis.

– In Minneapolis, skiing is done in a city park. It was hot there. No snow anywhere except on the slopes. However, Pasanen said the latest information is that skiing is possible on the original slopes and is not concerned about the situation.

Last week, race organizers of the Minneapolis World Cup released photos from the race tracks. The organizers had to resort to a special measure and put tarpaulins on the track to stop the snow from melting. The pictures also show how there is no snow next to the slopes.

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