Here is a portrait of Jenny Haukeo

The portrait was painted by visual artist and painter Susanne Gottberg.

This is what Jenny Haukeo's portrait looks like. It is housed on the Atrium floor of the Presidential Palace. Jussie Tianen

President's wife Dr Jenny Hockion The portrait was unveiled at the Presidential Palace, the President's Office said.

A painting by a painter and painter Susanne Gottberg.

Houkyo's portrait is placed on the mezzanine of the atrium of the Presidential Palace, where the portraits of the spouses of the previous presidents of the republic are also located.

The portrait is painted on birch plywood, which, according to Kotberg, gives depth and structure to the background, where the surface of the wood is partially sanded. The technique used in the work is oil paint and wood crayon.

– The painted plant or branch in the foreground of the painting has a dialogue with the tree and is thought to bring more depth and movement to the painting, Gottberg says in the press release.

The first portrait of the wife of the president KJ Ståhlberg From Ester StåhlbergPainted Eero Snellman In 1935.

Last spring, Jenny Haukeo spoke here about the themes around which her book Sinu Stehesis is built. Atte Cajoa

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