Here is the talisman of Finnish relay skiing – Konkar's distinctive pipe

Jasmine Gohara gets her third gold medal in the third WC relay at Wugati. Vanta's Anni Kainulainen's medal haul extends to eleven.

Jasmin Gahara skated to her third consecutive women's 3×5 kilometer relay at the Finnish championships in Anekoski on Sunday. Krista Pharmakoski follows Gahara. Jussi Saarinen

Jasmine Gahara The talisman of Finnish women's relay skiing. For the 2021–22 season, Micheli's Skiers' Nursery has moved its current home to Vougatti's purple and white ski outfit.

In Anekoski on Sunday, Vugati ski team Kainuu won its third consecutive women's relay Finnish championship – and Kahara has been part of the team each time.

– All important, we have four national team level skiers, three of whom have always reached the finish line. “I was healthy and fit enough to make the team,” commented mascot Kahara.

– I am very grateful that I came to this team, he said.

In Rovaniemi in 2022, Vugati Kohara won gold with the trio. Evelina Pippo And Khatri Lilinbera.

Last season, Inari had three Wilma NisinenPiippo and Kähärä.

On Sunday, Liliinpera, Kahara and Nisinen skated on the gold field in Anekoski.

A deciding point of Sunday's race rested with Gahara Igalist. Krista Pharmakoski Trailing in the second leg, the announcer was able to send Nisinen on his way to Igalistan at the same time Hilla Nimelon with.

– I was afraid of a hard blow from Christa. It was so good to come, Gahara said, of course Christa caught me within 25 seconds.

– At a pretty perfect place, Qadri brought me the news. I was able to skate very easily on the softer sections, the gold medalist continued.

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Sunday's women's championship gold was the fourth gold in history for the Woocati people. First came with the team in 2000 Maire Leppenen, Elena Risanen And Salla Juntunen.

– The whole relay cup is important for us as a club and the WC relay is the brightest competition. We managed to win for the third time, which is great.

Niimelä Main

Katarina Longa (back to camera) and Christa Pharmakoski raced towards the finish line in support of Hilla Nimele. Jussi Saarinen

In the anchor leg of the women's 3×5 kilometer relay, Nisinen knocked Hilla Nymela off her heels.

Vanda Ski Club Jasmine Jones and Kainu Ski Club Anne Gillonen Nimila was arrested.

– We set off with Wilma to go fast, but I couldn't fit it up the hill. “I knew I wasn't pushing myself to the end, so I just stayed on my own skiing,” Niemele commented.

– If I get into the final fight, I know it's a good situation, he continued.

That's what happened. Niemale beat both Jonsu and Gillonen in a duel to bring Igaliston Urheilijat to SM silver.

– I was able to prove the existence of a good book. I had such a good pace on the rise of the tennis club, and having studied so much physics, I knew I had to take advantage of it. If I die in my own race and they stay with me, there's nothing to finish, that's all.

The blue and yellow medal was the fourth in six years. From previous seasons, Ikaalisten Urheilijos has had a medal streak, the 2021 Ristijärvi gold medal being the brightest.

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– Silver is always brighter than bronze, so it tastes better.

kyninenine tube

Anni Kainulainen is the woman with eleven consecutive SM relay medals. Jussi Saarinen

He ended his goal-oriented competitive skiing career last season My sister-in-law did not WC is the relay's medal group. Sunday's medal was his eleventh in a row while serving as Wanda Ski Club's opener. In 2020, the WC relays were canceled due to the coronavirus.

– For this one day, I recently invested, said Kainulainen, who trained for more than 600 hours this season.

It is the third time in a row that Vanda has won a medal in the knot. Prior to that, Kainulainen represented the Hameenlinna Ski Association, a powerhouse in women's skiing, in the 2010s.

– This bronzer tastes so good – better than ever.

With 3–1–2 medals, Vugati has dominated the last six WC relays. In the same period, Kainuu Ski Club has won two golds, with Igalinen 1–2–1 draw, Vanda 0–1–2 and Hemeinlinna 0–2–1.

Kainulainen, the seat of power of Hameenlinna, Maija Hakala And Laura Mononen A few years ago when Mononen left it split and Hakala moved to the cold.


Anegoski SM Skiing

Women's 3x5km Relay:

1. Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu

2. Athletes of this quarter

3. Vanda Ski Club 1

4. Kainuu Ski Club 1

5. Consider SkyTeam

6. Dumber Quest 1

7. Espoo Ski Club

8. Ylivieska Kuula

9. Ylöjärvi Rihti

10. Team Skiers 1

Jasmin Gahara (left), Vilma Nisinen and Kadri Liliinpera win the SM Gold. Jussi Saarinen

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