HIFK's pursuit ended in a giant mess – Ilves and Tapbara widening their gap to the others

Tappara and HIFK put on an impressive show to a nearly full Nokia Arena in the SM League's top match on Saturday, with Tappara coming out on top with 4-3 goals in the end despite HIFK's tough control at times. Tapara already led 3-0 in the match, but HIFK scored two lightning goals in the second period to fight back.

HIFK dominated the opening set of the match, but Tappara scored goals. The people of Tampere scored twice in the first set Philip Grant And Anton Levtsi was able to pass Rube Tabonan With HIFK target.

Dabon's game lasted a good round. The time is 21.25. Nicholas Halloran And Sticky Zombie Cheating and Carter Camper Makes it 3-0. Tabonan went to the exchange after making three saves and giving up three goals. He glided towards the target Niko Hovinen.

The set was played for 13 minutes and HIFK joined the fight for victory. Jory Lehtera and converted from HPK Anti Pihlstrom Hit every 41 seconds.

In the third period, HIFK focused on Tappara's end and chased the equalizer away, but again the home team managed to score. Nicholas the Baptist Hart surprises Howison with a wrist shot.

A good seven minutes before the decision Christian Veselainen Bringing HIFK to the end of the goal. The Tabara camp strongly opposed this victory, because just before the goal, Levtchi was tackled in the middle area, but the penalty whistle was not blown.

HIFK frantically searched for an equalizer but Dabara held on. In the end, the series ended in chaos on the ice when HIFK had too many players on the ice while Helsinki was looking for a goalless draw.

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Tappara's biggest hero in the tournament Christian Heljanko32 saves. HIFK's tandem had nine saves.

With its win, Dappara move up to 103 points and continue in the league standings, one point behind Ilway, who were beaten by Sports on Saturday. Tabara's advantage in this scenario is that it has played three matches less than its local rival. Kolmozijn's Juguere has already amassed 12 points.

Lynx is best in carnival competition

There was real ice hockey fun at the sold-out Vasan Sago Arena on Saturday night in Waasa. 21 busloads of Loves supporters had arrived as guests of the Wassa crowd, and while the hometown crowd was also in shock, the spirit of the match did not diminish. In the end, the people of Tampere had a reason to celebrate with Ilves' 5-2 win.

Both teams scored back-to-back goals in the opening set to make it 2-2 at the break.

In the second set, Ilves picked up steam. Emelie Finland And Chamuli Ratinan Beat every four minutes, and Risto Tufva He decided to change the goalkeeper. Rasmus Raijola slipped Miroslav Svobodan in the place called.

The pursuit of the game did not pay off in the third period. Zarko Parika Four minutes before the final whistle, he finished the final reads with an empty game goal. No less than five people from Ilves collected two power points.

The Pelicans and Corbett improved their positions

The Pelicans have already moved within a point of Juguris and third in the standings thanks to a 3-1 win over TPS. He is the man of the match Nathan Schnarr, which scored twice. Schnarr led Lahti to a 1-0 lead in the opening set with a dominant win and ended the final readings with an empty TPS goal.

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In Oulu, Kärpät and KalPa met for the second time in two days. Galpa edged Friday's battle 3-2 after overtime. Today, Corbett waved the bass stick Ville Koivunen And Thimu Durunen under.

Koivunen started three (0+3) and Durunen scored two hits (2+0) as Karpat defeated Kalpa 5-2.

With the win, Garbat broke Calpa's ten-point gap and strengthened its position at six. Kärpatät has played one match more than Kalpa.

In a lower playoff lineup, the situation is even tighter. KooKoo lost to HPK in the winner-takes-all contest, rising to 73 points to finish ninth. Ässat, who lost to Luca, are in tenth place by one point, while TPS, who were relegated by the Pelicans, are one point behind Ässi in 11th place. Sport have 67 points and JYP, who defeated SaiPa, have 66 points.

Results of Saturday's matches in the SM League

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